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Why i should be a peer mentor

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Why I believe I should be a peer mentor I believe that I should be a peer-mentor as I have a variety of skills that will help and come to the convenience of a protégé. I believe that I will be able offer advice and to be at there if any help is needed. Since I was too a year 7 student, I can easily relate to their troubles or any concerns that they might have. I will be able to give advice on how to get around the school and any rules that they may have not understood. I want to be able to give back what I got from this school, and help the New Year 7’s have a smooth transition to secondary school. ...read more.


knowledge about how the school works in depth, explaining how queries get sorted and how things can get changed depending on the students? need. This may also encourage them to take an active role in the school; maybe they will join clubs, and maybe even try out to be a school counsellor. I will be sure to consistently contact and meet up with them every week, and if needed all the peer mentee would need to do is find my form room and I will instantly get back to them. I will ensure to meet the mentee as often as I can during the first few weeks of school to establish a good foundation between the mentee and I. ...read more.


It will also help me go past boundaries, and let me learn new skills. By being able to be a peer mentor, I will have the chance to gain leadership skills, that will be very helpful in my later years. By being a peer mentor for the new year 7?s, I will be helping them establish a good beginning to a new academic year and, school life. I will help any mentee of mine to be as independent as he can possible be. By choosing me to be a peer mentor, you will be choosing a strong willed individual to help a new year 7 through his early school years. This is why I believe that I should be a peer mentor. Thank you, Arjun Dev Nazran (9H) ...read more.

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