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Why is 'A Christmas Carol'' still such a popular story today?

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Coursework for a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Ashley Heard 10A Why is 'A Christmas Carol'' still such a popular story today? I Think that 'A Christmas Carol'' by Charles Dickens is still popular today because it has a good moral story and people still enjoy a good old fashioned ghost story. This is because a lot of us are still interested in the afterlife and if such things as ghosts even exist we are fascinated by them and a novel with ghosts in, we cannot put it down. The moral story which seems even in modern day society to stick with us and we are still very much obsessed with Christmas and the joy that goes with it. Also people who read this book see there is a slight humorous side to the text which seems to make us more interested in the book itself and people like to feel amused, it makes them feel happy. As well as cleverly written text and an emotional side to the story. All of this ensures the survival of the classic story. The theme of the book is all about Christmas, which appeals to us even in today's busy world. ...read more.


Now they use words that even the youngest of people will recognize. This also makes the book more interesting because it does not seem as old or as outdated, which in most cases is a good thing. Dickens describes his characters in such a way that they leave a lasting effect on you and a visual description or appearance in your mind. Dickens gives you a lasting picture by using a skilled amount of writing that is cleverly written and cleverly put together. An example of this 'His body was transparent' and 'he has dead cold eyes'. Other examples of this; 'darkness is cheap and scrooge looked like it'. These are powerful words to describe someone or something. For a better example I will look at the way he describes scrooge with his words that stick pictures to the back of your brain. This gives a better understanding and knowledge of the story. We know scrooge is tight fisted, grumpy and old but how does dickens describe this 'Ferret eyes', 'The cold within him froze his old features, nipped his pointed nose, shriveled his cheek, stiffened his gait, made his eyes red and his thin lips blue'. ...read more.


This element of humor gives the reader a laugh or two which every good book needs to be a success unless it is a grim story like a horror story. In addition every book needs a touch of emotion to pull on the heart strings of the readers e.g. 'A solitary child, neglected by his friend is left there still'. Dickens has taken into account these factors to produce a funny witty full of emotion exciting story. Most people enjoy a laugh, an emotion and to make the reader think, laugh or cry. Dickens has done this to produce a book that will live on forever. In my opinion the main reason for 'A Christmas Carol' been so popular in modern day society is the moral message. The message that makes you stop and think after you have read the book. The message was well in my opinion: 'Things can only get better'. For instance at the beginning of the story Scrooge was a crusty old man and at the end of the story he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. He made it out of that dark tunnel and shared his Christmas good will with everyone. This moral message will live on forever like the book, read time and time again. ...read more.

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