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Why me?

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Ted lay on the filthy ground, his money spread all over the cold canteen floor. There was a growl of laughter that lasted forever. Everyone was shouting and screaming; rushing to hunt for his money. The opening he had been in closed up. Ted picked the remaining coins of his lunch allowance and walked back to the very beginning of the queue, something he would have never done... "Thank you for the money TED!!" said some supporting girls, while shining the coins in their soft hands. Ted walked on sadly, attempting not to reply. It had unchanged since Group 2, 2 years ago, when John first entered the Football club. It was only minute annoyance at that time, but it was stuck to him for ever. Ted was in Group 3 by then. He was a usual looking boy, his eyes were innocent, and his bright black hair was pointing everywhere. His glowing pink lips stood out against his pale glowing face. He wore the same kit since Group 2, the kit that was as old as his grandma. John had been abusing Ted for over a year now. ...read more.


Another victim. He has been In a lot of trouble in the past for copying John's work. Mr. Petty walked slowly up to Ted. His expression of anger, disappointment and sadness all mixed up in his hairy face. "I know that you are a lot more capable of doing this, this is easy stuff Ted, look at your past grades, A's A*'s can you explain this to me?" he explained. He placed the paper face down on his desk and continued to hand out the rest of them. Ted nervously tried to turn the lifeless paper over, praying for a B, but before he could even think about it, John snatched it off him. H spread the news "Ted got a D minus in his test!" Ted knew he was kidding. He never got below a C. As a bully, John was somehow a clever boy. He could bully anyone during class and never ever get caught. All the teachers knew he was the, and only star pupil. Well behaved and gifted. This proved that not a single teacher would ever believe is stories. Sooner or later, noticing Mr. ...read more.


He had no ability for anything else... He wanted to die. Ted lay on the stinking wet floor. They ran off innocently, some were looking back and asking for forgiveness in their faces... As Ted was heading home, he made up his mind, he was to tell the coach tomorrow, what else could have been worse?! Ted was worrying not to see John anymore today, he was loosing his anger and sadness the closer he got home, he felt a power building up through his body. He spotted a stone on the ground. It looked as pleasant as his lucky stone at home. Its smooth amber colour was too beautiful, although knife sharp at the other end. Then he saw him. John. With another gang of people. He was walking towards Ted. Smiling. Ted turned to run, but an idea formed in his head. It was the only way. CRRACK !!! John fell to the ground like a dying animal. Surrounded by a pool of blood. A yelling crowd of people formed all around him. Ted was so baffled. shaky. He thought it was all a dream. He then miraculously saw Jenny. Ted ran to her. "Wh-Wh-at did I do?" he stuttered. Jenny shoved him out of her way, as tears engulfed her sweet cheeks. ?? ?? ?? ?? Short Story 1 ...read more.

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