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Why Mercutio's death is so important

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Why is Mercutio's death such an important plot in the play? In this essay I will explain why Mercutio's death plays such an important part in the play. Certain characters change e.g. Romeo becomes violent after this scene. Mercutio plays a classic role in the play. He is a friend of both Montague and Capulet. He is a jolly, lively character that brings comedy into the play. Often, he says jokes and puns that create a response of laughter from the audience. The play develops from comedy to tragedy because Mercutio is the jester of the play. When Mercutio dies, the comedy comes to a sudden stop." Romeo makes a joke "beat down their weapons." ...read more.


Romeo's revenge on Tybalt shows that tragedy will follow. Mercutio curses both the families "A plague in both your houses". At the time (Shakespeare/Elizabethan), the audience believed in curses. Some of the types of audiences that went to see the play would have been poor or middle classes as the play is targeted at this audience, due to the common language used. In this paragraph I will discuss how the play has lost it's comedy and has turned into tragedy. After Romeo has killed Tybalt he realises what he has done "O, I am a fortunes fool". He blames his fate for what he has done. Juliet is very confused when she finds out what Romeo has done. ...read more.


Mercutio is portrayed as the middle character who links the play to different people and scenes. Shakespeare might have wanted him to be more of a friend to Romeo in the play. Mercutio helps in some aspects to confuse the audience. E.g. when he is dying, he says it is a scratch yet he is actually dying. Also, he curses both the families. The audience were not expecting this because firstly, he is a friend of both families and secondly, they would not have known that the hatred of both families killed Mercutio. Mercutio's death is so important to the plot because it shows where the play changes from comedy to tragedy as a main character, Mercutio dies. It is also important because from this point, the characters change and the mood is changed from being emotional to gloomy. Amar Hayer 10PFL ...read more.

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