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Why Music?

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Why Music? Life has rhythm and melody to it. People may state that they don't listen to music. Is that true? Sound, it's all around, whether we like it or not. If we live and hear, then avoiding music is impossible. It surrounds us entirely, but why? Why are people drawn to music? Why does music even exist? "The more mellifluous the singer, the more dexterous the harpist, the more mates he attracts." According to the article 'Why Music?' a reason for why people choose to listen and perform music is because of sex and love. There is some truth in that hypothesis: the better the musician is, the more attractive they will be to potential mates. Many famous singers and band members that are widely known around the world can thank both their talent and physical appearance for their success. Fans might enjoy their music purely because they are attracted to that certain artist instead of to the music itself. This argument states that music exists just to allow people to attract and fall in love, but that may not be entirely true. ...read more.


But, like the first hypothesis, it can't be entirely true. Isn't it possible for people to listen to music when they are by themselves? Of course, it might not be as enjoyable and the whole atmosphere of it may not be as vivid, but it still is possible. People are constantly listening to their personal music players. By themselves. There are also times when people want to listen to music on their own, to allow them to forget everything else... have some time just to listen and think without other people around them. Adding to this, just pretend that every single person, from all the countries, on this Earth decided to get together in groups according to interests in music. Two problems: the groups would be way too large and too hectic; also, people might find different types of music appealing to them, so for that reason choosing only one group to belong and stay in would be too hard, confusing and just a waste of time. This theory is hard to agree with, and may be even less believable than the first one. An accident? Or an invention? ...read more.


Visualize a world without any music. None. Movies need music to create a mood, just picture a whole film without music. What about radios? What could we all dance to? Sing our hearts out to? Nothing...without music. Countless things around us are based on music, and our lives wouldn't be complete without it. The more this hypothesis is thought about, the more mistakes it contains, and the less believable it becomes. In conclusion, although there are some that seem more accurate than other, none of the three hypotheses are one hundred percent correct for why music exists and why we listen to it. However, there has to be a reason why. Maybe a combination of the first and second hypothesis, with none or very little contribution from the third hypothesis. It is possible that reasons why are because music changes moods, creates atmospheres, and is an escape for all of us. People all listen to music, and too many people take it for granted, without paying attention to it, really thinking and wondering why we all listen to music. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amanda Tu April 14, 2009 ...read more.

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