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Why Orwell wrote Animal Farm

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Throughout this essay, I shall be talking about George Orwell's life and what lead up to him writing Animal Farm and why he wrote this outstanding novel. George Orwell's birth name was actually Eric Arthur Blair, George Orwell was his pen name. He was born in India on 25 June 1903. He was educated at Eton College, a posh working-class public school, but he disliked the way that people acted at Eton. This shows us that he already isn't too happy about the separation between the different social classes. In 1922, Orwell went to Burma and joined the Indian Imperial Police. His job there was to put forward ideas in support of the British Empire to gain further influence over the people. ...read more.


In 1936, Orwell was also called upon to do a report on the Spanish Civil War. He joined the International Brigade, a group of Republican military units who travelled to Spain to fight the Spanish Nationalist forces. In 1937, George Orwell joined the POUM, another Republican army fighting the Fascists. Orwell was badly injured by a sniper bullet in the throat while in battle but he recovered, although, he was declared unfit for service. Whilst he was battling the opposition, he didn't understand why the two sides were attacking each other because they had pretty much the same ideologies. Orwell's experiences in the Spanish Civil War gave rise to Homage to Catalonia (1938). ...read more.


This motivated Orwell to expose and strongly condemn what he saw as the Stalinist corruption of the original socialist ideals. Orwell describes here what gave him the idea of setting the book on a farm: "...I saw a little boy, perhaps ten years old, driving a huge carthorse along a narrow path, whipping it whenever it tried to turn. It struck me that if only such animals became aware of their strength we should have no power over them, and that men exploit animals in much the same way as the rich exploit the proletariat." ?? ?? ?? ?? George Orwell and Animal Farm 1 Sam Golightly, 3B - LM1 2009 - 2010 ...read more.

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