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Why should smoking be banned?

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Why should smoking be banned? In my opinion, I think that smoking should be banned. There are several reasons behind my thinking. Firstly, smoking is addictive. Once a person is addicted to the nicotine it's extremely hard to quit knowing that there are future health consequences they have to face. The addictiveness causes people to continue smoking and later, suffer with the deadly disease of cancer. Smoking has been proven to be harmful to the body. Millions of people die every year due to smoking. There are more people who die from smoking than from drugs, alcohol, aids, car crashes etc. This means that in the future, the death risk for heavy smokers will be increasing. ...read more.


The pollution is also affecting the environment and smoking has become an environmental issue. Although everyone has their own freedom to do anything they want to, does it mean that they put theirs and others lives at risk? Without being aware, non-smokers are being victimized. Smoking is not completely the fault of the smoker, but also the fault of the companies who manufacture cigarettes. If they are stopped from selling cigarettes then automatically the public will stop smoking and the urge for smoking will not be in their minds anymore. Cigarettes are harmful. Cigarettes are poisonous. Cigarettes are dangerous. If other goods and products which are harmful for humans or poisonous, they are taken off the market straight away. ...read more.


Once they start smoking, they have to continue since the nicotine makes them get addicted and this can ruin the life of the smoker who is underage. If drugs like tobacco, heroin, cocaine etc. are banned, why cant cigarettes be banned? This will force the addicts to quit completely. In fact, smokers themselves regret and want to quit smoking but cant. If smoking is banned, it will help the smokers who want to quit. If smoking is banned, smokers will stop completely since they will not get the temptation. The banning of tobacco will reduce health issues such as lung cancer caused from smoking. Overall, smoking has many negative points which affect the environment and people. Thus I think that smoking should be banned considering all the points stated above. Don't we want everyone to benefit by banning smoking? Puja Navalani 11A English Coursework ...read more.

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