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Why Shrek 2 As An Entertaining Family Film.

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Shrek 2 Review Why Shrek 2 As An Entertaining Family Film. Are you looking for a film that will appeal to both children and adults? Do you want to see a film that pushes the boundaries of both comedy and animation? If so then you should treat your children and yourself and go to see Shrek 2. The sequel to the hugely successful Shrek; Shrek 2 has it all hilarious characters, brilliant scene's, and an impressive storyline it is also suitable for all ages. Usually sequels disappoint, but this one certainly does not, in fact it could even be better than the first. Shrek 2 starts where the first finished with Shrek (Mike Myers) ...read more.


Shrek is very determined on staying but after some persuasion from Fiona he half-heartedly accepts. After a very long journey and a very annoying Donkey, Shrek and Fiona eventually arrive in Far Far Away, which looks remarkably like Hollywood. Once they get to the castle the whole city turns up to see them but as they step out the carriage the people are horrified to see that they are ogres. After the first night in the castle Shrek and the king (John Cleese) have an argument which causes Shrek wanting to leave. The humour in Shrek 2 is fantastic and will have you in stitches from start to finish. There is humour for children like the utterly hilarious talking donkey (Eddie Murphy) and also humour adults can appreciate. ...read more.


The characters in Shrek 2 are wonderful from the cute but deadly Puss in Boots to the evil Fairy Godmother (Jennifer Saunders). Every character in the film is superb which helps make the film so superior. The main character Shrek is very grumpy and short tempered who likes to be alone. Another main character Donkey is the complete opposite to Shrek he is very energetic, cheery and incredibly annoying. The animation is so outstanding it will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. With scenes in lush green forests, gloomy and boggy swamps and a scene with a carriage going past a mountain which is truly magical. The facial expressions in the film are extraordinary and you can really tell what the characters are feeling. Possibly the best animation movie yet Shrek 2 is a joy to watch. ...read more.

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