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Why was Jack the Ripper not caught?

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Why was Jack the Ripper never caught? Emily Barton In this assignment I will be describing and explaining why Jack the Ripper was not caught. Doing this I will use sources such as the text booklet and secondary sources from the internet. One of the major points that Jack the Ripper was indeed not caught falls on the workings and failures of the police. After each murder the police always never came close to capturing the murderer and bringing him to justice, causing the publics fear and alarm to grow and each murder. Uncountable reasons that the police could not have even hoped at catching Jack the Ripper were often discussed and this made some of the public against the workings of the ...read more.


Jack the ripper was malicious, cold-blooded, brutal, ruthless and suggested to be a sexual psychopath maybe even insane or a crazy maniac but also very cunning for he knew he wouldn't get caught if he struck randomly and quickly, nobody having a chance of seeing him murder the victims and they had no chance of screaming for help in the dark lanes. So there for he would be very hard to catch. The Media clung onto every small, blood gory detail of the murders, feeding the public with blood thirsty stories and names of the 'supposed killers' the police accused. Newspapers emphasized the gruesome murders, making them sound a hundred times worst and the public clung to every word, fascinated with the crime. ...read more.


He has a small black moustache. The distinguishing feature of his costume is a leather apron, which he always wears. His expression is sinister and seems to be full of terror for the woman who described it.' The description for this report was way to detailed and way over the top, this was to make people feel inferior of other people that the description matched and to scare them, other newspapers writing stories of the same context. It was believed that the Ripper was a local, a person that maybe everyone trusted or knew, who just went around normally every day and killed at night. Many thought that it was a man that despised prostitutes and was killing them of, one by one. This was thought because when Martha Tabram and Emma Smith were attacked they were both prostitutes. ...read more.

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