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Why Was Mithraism a Popular Religion?

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Why Was Mithraism a Popular Religion? This is an essay to explain why Mithraism, a famous Roman religion, was popular. I will use images to explain my reasons as well. The cult of Mithras originated in Persia where it was known as Ahuramazda. Mithraism is also known as Mithras -Worship. Mithras was a god of light and truth. They triumphed over the forces of evil and promised life after death to his followers. It required its followers to live their lives by a moral code. People who wanted to enter Mithraism had to perform a series initiation tests that would test both physical and moral standards. Mithraism had many different initiation tests and depending on how well the applicant performed in these tests determined the grade that they were rewarded with. ...read more.


A picture of a sculpture made for a rich man. Made out of marble. The sculpture pictured above shows that rich people were attracted to the religion as only rich men would be able to afford this sculpture as it would be to expensive for lower class people. Mithraism was also popular as many people who lived in London followed the religion. A temple in London. As there is a temple in London, then it suggests that there were many people who supported the religion living in London. This means that London was full of wealthy merchants and businessmen who could afford the religion. This also means that there was an army situated there to help them with their afterlife. If people in London followed the religion then it attracts other people towards it as people in London were merchants and you can compare yourself to them if you also practice the religion. ...read more.


The sacrifice of the bull. This picture of a Mithra God sacrificing a bull is what started the religion and if people believed in sacrifices then this was a perfect match as it started with the sacrifice of a bull. The statue is made out of marble to show that only a rich man could afford it, which attracts rich men towards it. So, in conclusion, Mithraism was a popular religion because it promised to bring afterlife, which attracted soldiers towards it to help them with their battles, and merchants also practiced the religion, as it was a very expensive religion. Also people were attracted to it as the Emperors practiced it, which meant that many other people wanted to practice it as it made them look "with the times" and "up to date" and not an outcast. Sean Widden 10W 27/09/02 ...read more.

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