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Why We Should Save Money

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´╗┐The primary goal for most people when they become adults is to get a job and earn money. Though they have the same goal, people have different preferences as to what they do with their money after they earn it. Some people prefer to spend and enjoy their money as they earn it, but there are other people who think it is better to save their money for the future. There are two common sayings, and each supports one of the two attitudes. When referring to money, the first saying tells us to ?save it for a rainy day.? The other saying, which is more lavish in its nature, encourages us to spend money by saying that we should ?live it up?. ...read more.


Even if they are earning well, they are not giving back financially to society. They become known amongst their friends as takers rather than givers, and are disliked for not giving enough. This condition can go to extremes when a person does not spend enough to care of themselves. Eventually the thought arises that what use is money if it is kept locked in a bank and never enjoyed? This shows that spending money also has its advantages. It improves our quality of life, social status, and level of enjoyment. It teaches us to give money rather than to keep it all to ourselves. However, to ?live it up,? similar to ?save it for a rainy day? is an extreme attitude. ...read more.


However, always assess what your needs are and buy accordingly. Watch your desires, but don?t deprive yourself of necessities. This is the fundamental reason why some people can be happy with less whereas others are unhappy despite having so much. If you keep a balance between spending and saving then you will soon realize that financial wisdom is not about how much money you have, but whether you have the right attitude towards it. In my oppinion, saving money is always the right decision. As mentioned before, having a reliable fund to use in difficult and unexpected situations can save you a lot of trouble. Because of this you won?t need to ask for money from family or friends, thus maintaining independance and avoid possible arguments with the people you ask for money. ...read more.

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