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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the ripper?

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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the ripper? There are many reasons why the police were unable to catch Jack the ripper and one of them was that the 2 police forces at the time (The Metropolitan police force and the City police) did not simply cooperate with each other and they were hiding information from one another. Another reason why the police couldn't catch Jack the ripper is because they were looking for a specific type of criminal, they were looking for a man who was tall had a moustache, looked foreign and he maybe was a butcher or a doctor. This fact really limited the line of enquiry to the police. ...read more.


This fact led to many riots because the people were scared and whenever they saw someone suspicious a lot of people would go and attack that particular person so the situation was getting out of control in other words the police could not handle the chaos which the ripper was causing. In the end the police were getting so desperate that some police officers had to dress like prostitutes so they can attract Jack the ripper and catch him but unfortunately that plan did not work out. After the first kill the police patrol significantly increased in the Whitechapel area in hope that they could catch the ripper. Despite all of the efforts the police put in nothing worked the detectives could not catch him the people never heard or saw Jack the ripper. ...read more.


We cant really blame the police for not trying their best they used what they had at the time all of the detectives and they strengthen the patrol, but that was not enough the killer was just simply not giving enough clues. In conclusion I would like to say that the police tried everything they could so they are not to blame the main reason why they could not catch Jack the ripper is because he was simply not leaving anything which could lead the police to getting him, I would like to add that it is very hard to catch a serial killer with no motive who obviously knew what he was doing as he was executing his victims very professionally with no clues. By Tony Baranov 11AN ...read more.

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