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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper?

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Jack The Ripper was never caught and his identity remains a mystery to this day. The police were unable to catch Jack The Ripper and solve the mystery of the Whit Chapel murders because of several reasons. Lack of police experience was a main factor's towards the incapability to catch Jack the Ripper; there had never been a killer like the Ripper before. Over a hundred years later, serial killers are still unlikely to be caught. Therefore, in 1888, only a fluke or a foolish mistake would have caught him. Lack of evidence also proved to be a struggle for the police. The Ripper left virtually no physical evidence of his crimes; In 1888, the police relied mostly on catching someone in the act which, of course, didn't happen. ...read more.


There were also a lot of incidents wasting important police time, for example the police spent ages investigating "Leather Apron" during the second murder, this was not helped by the press who publicized the story and virtually forced the police to chase him. Another reason to the incapability of catching The Ripper was that both the Metropolitan police and the City Of London police were investigating the case separately. Each had separate investigations going on and they didn't share evidence or information with each other. This put their investigations in a weak position because a vital clue being held by one police force may have linked in with evidence being held by the other police force. ...read more.


The Metropolitan Police's failure to catch the Whitechapel murderer was through no fault of its own, Jack was intelligent and extremely lucky and the Metropolitan Police did not possess the knowledge and technology that would have solved the case today. They did the best job that they could, with the resources they had. no matter what steps they took after the killings started, and no matter how they handled or mishandled the press, there was no way to stop Jack the Ripper from killing his victims. The murdering crisis of the Ripper was out of their control. In my opinion, the murderer was not caught as a result of poor planning and partnerships, if the two police forces had made a joint effort to catch Jack the Ripper they would have had a better chance of capturing him. ...read more.

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