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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper

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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper? There are three key things that contributed to the fact that Jack the Ripper wasn't caught. These are the lack of technology, the mistakes the police made and in my opinion, the most important, the difficulties of the case. Even with all the technology we have today, I think this case would have always been a difficult one but something that made it even more difficult was the many false starts and red herrings. This slowed the investigation down heavily and could have possibly been why the police failed to catch him. These difficulties hindered the police investigation by drawing attention away from the real killer. A good example of this would be "Leather Apron". He was thought to be the killer because he had a reputation for beating prostitutes and when he was arrested, "It seemed as though the case was solved". This let the police forget about the killing and dismiss it as case solved however when another murder was committed with the same "Modus Operandum" police were forced to follow other leads. ...read more.


on the police and did the opposite than "help" the investigation for example, the press would often say how the killer was a Jew, and would publish graphical descriptions of the "believed" killer, if the police didn't follow these leads they were blamed by the press for not investigating the case properly, which would then be believed by the public. This slowed the investigation down because police had to follow every lead that was created by the press. Another interesting point that could possibly be a strong reason for the failure in catching Jack the Ripper is the lack of technology in the 19th Century. At this time there were many limitations in policing and are nothing like today's police. This case was already hard as the killer had no known connections with the victims. Police had no access to CCTV, fingerprints and DNA were not used in these times and information would often be lost as there was no databases but technology wasn't the polices only downfall, when Eddowes was killed in the square mile of the ...read more.


Henry Matthews, the home secretary, offered no reward to the public as he believed it would cause a mass of people giving unreliable information. I think that this would make the public have no desire to give in information leading to a possible failure in catching Jack the Ripper. After looking at all these points I think there as many reasons that the police never caught Jack the Ripper, firstly I think the lack of technology meant that police didn't have access to valuable data like DNA and CCTV. Secondly I think that the false starts and red herrings of the case slowed it down meaning that the police lost a lot of time on the case. The way the police handled the case also didn't help , the many mistakes they made could have possibly been why they never caught him. But in my opinion the most important was the many difficulties of the case, the unreliable witness statements, the pressure from the press and the fact that Jack the Ripper didn't know his/her victims. Henry Jones ...read more.

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