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Why were the police unable to catch Jack the Ripper

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Why Were the Police Unable to Catch Jack the Ripper? There are many reasons why Jack the Ripper was never caught. The main factors were because of the nature of the killing, the limitations of police methods, rivalry between the police forces and other problems with the investigation. Nature of the Killings: Whitechapel being the home to the lowest, poorest class of people, housing approximately 1,200 prostitutes and many immigrants was where a lot of crime took place. Prostitution made these women an easy target for people like Jack the Ripper because prostitutes were the people who took their clients into dark, deserted alleyways. Jack the Ripper probably being a person who despised women used the extreme vulnerability of prostitutes (lowest type of woman) to guide them into alleys were he horrifically mutilated them. There were only ever a few witnesses, many of whom were reluctant to come forward as they were middle classed men in search for prostitution. ...read more.


What may have been an important clue was removed by Sir Charles Warren (Metropolitan Police Commissioner) himself. The torn part of one of the victims Catherine Eddowes apron was left in Goulsten Street where the killer had written on the wall, 'the Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing.' Sir Henry Smith, the Assistant Commissioner of the City Police wished to keep the evidence which was written on the wall or at least photograph it. However, the rivalry burst into open hostility when Warren rubbed the message off the wall. The investigating policeman protested and asked that the message should be covered up at least until photographs had been taken. This was another of the main factors of why Jack the Ripper was never caught. This important clue could have been used to compare handwriting with the letter. In the past the Jews had been blamed for many murders as they were disliked greatly by the community and any mention of the killer being Jewish would have led to riots. ...read more.


However, the police were too busy interviewing more than 2,000 lodgers and 76 butchers. The press had their own ideas about the murderer and questioned a Jewish slipper maker nicknamed 'Leather Apron', regarding the killings. The murders were now big news and the police received hundreds of letters, by people who claimed to know or be the Ripper. Unfortunately for the police, all the evidence did not lead anywhere and after weeks of research, all accused produced alibis. Conclusion It is obvious that there were many factors which stopped the police from catching the Ripper. The nature of the killings meant that the police had to prevent the mutilations or catch the Ripper. This was not helped by the fact that their department was underdeveloped. The rivalry of the police forces did not help the situation. However, the largest factors were the problems and errors, which occurred during the investigation and the rivalry of the police forces. False information or leads meant police time was wasted, and this prevented them from catching the ruthless Jack the Ripper. ?? ?? ?? ?? Saagar Kotecha 10SZ 1 ...read more.

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