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Why Were The Police Unable to Catch Jack the Ripper

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Why Were The Police Unable to Catch Jack the Ripper? There were lots of reasons why the police were unable to catch Jack the ripper. This essay will explain some of these reasons. One of the reasons why Jack the Ripper was so hard to catch was that he was quick and cleaver. He would act like a client and start talking to the prostitute. Then she would take him to a dark deserted place were he would kill them. In doing this it meant that there was no struggle to get them off the main street and into an alleyway because they didn't know his intentions until it was to late. When it eventually came to killing her he would first strangle her so that she couldn't cause too much attention. ...read more.


The alleys were also very narrow and often deserted at night. This made the perfect conditions for what Jack the Ripper wanted to do and made it very difficult to escape or get help if you were one of his victims. The police at the time did not have as much technology as we do today. Now days if they find a hair or the murderer then they can find out what colour skin he/she has, his age, their sex, when they killed there victim and they can use the DNA to match there hair with there suspect, but back, then all they could tell was what colour hair they have. On the odd occasion when he did leave a clue or something to do with himself the police did not use it to its full potential. ...read more.


No one knows why so many people claimed to be Jack the Ripper, but it made the police's job a lot more difficult. Jack also left a few clues, which could of just been false leads, like a leather apron, which caused the police to think it may have been a workmen of some kind. My conclusion is that there are a number of reasons why the police could not catch Jack the Ripper. The area at the time gave him a big advantage over the police because it was so dark and narrow at night. I also think that the police were to blame for not catching him. They should have worked together instead of making like a competition, to see who could catch him first. But the police are not completely to blame for not catching Jack the Ripper. He was a very cleaver man who would confuse the police even today, with his false leads and trivial letters. ...read more.

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