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Why Were The Police Unable To Catch Jack The Ripper?

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Coursework Why Were The Police Unable To Catch Jack The Ripper? Jack The Ripper was never caught, and his identity remains a mystery to this day. The police were unable to catch Jack The Ripper and solve the mystery of the Whit Chapel murders because of several reasons. The first reason is the police themselves. In London, there were two police forces. The Metropolitan police and the City Of London police. The murders took place in both of the jurisdictions. The police forces each had separate investigations going on and they did not share evidence or information with each other. This hampered their investigations because a vital clue being held by one police force may have linked in with evidence being held by the other police force. This prevented either police force from solving the mystery. The technology at the time stopped the police from gathering sufficient evidence from the crime scene. The police could not take fingerprints, blood samples, DNA and could not analyse it. They were unable to differ between human and animal blood. This meant that all the police could do was search the crime scene for any evidence that could be seen with the naked eye. ...read more.


They also took no heed to the warnings sent in the letters about the next victim, which led the killer being able to kill easily again. The note written on the wall was scrubbed of quickly after the police found it. Although it was copied down, if the police had left it up more evidence could have been possibly gathered from it. Many different coroners were used to perform post mortems. Each coroner gave a different verdict on the killings, which confused the police, and they did not know which one to believe. One coroner said that the murderer must have had experience in surgery while another said that the killer must have been a butcher. The police interviewed many people who claimed to have witnessed the murders. The descriptions of the killer were either too vague to help, like James Blenkinsop's statement who claimed to have seen Catherine Eddowes murdered. "Well dressed." A statement like this did not help the police at all as it gave no clues as to who the killer might have been. Other statements contradicted each other. Every one of them gave a different description of the killer. "Short, stout man, shabbily dressed." ...read more.


Jack The Ripper himself used very clever tactics to not get caught. His victims were all prostitutes who had no family to make sure that the police followed up the investigations. He struck in the night, in the early hours of the morning so there were few people around to witness the killings. The streets of London were also very dark and smoky so the visibility was very poor. He also left his victims in a terrible state. This meant that the post mortems were difficult and the coroners were unable to get any clues from the corpses. No one actually saw Jack The Ripper Kill. Many different descriptions were given on the killer but no one actually saw him commit murder. This meant that the police had no idea of where and when he killed because he could have moved the bodies. I believe that the most important reason why Jack The Ripper was never caught was because of the police. Their tactics were not suitable for catching a serial killer, as they had never experienced one before. Also, the limited technology made it difficult for the police to gather any evidence or clues from the crime scene. Because of this main reason, and other reasons Jack The Ripper escaped being caught and remains a mystery to this day. ...read more.

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