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Why were the police unable to catch jack the Ripper?

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Daniel Brown Miss McMahon History 14/7/2005 Why were the police unable to catch jack the Ripper? In this essay I will be talking about why the police were unable to catch Jack the Ripper. I will be looking at factors which helped the police try to catch him and also factors which hindered the polices search. In my first paragraph I will be talking about the details of the murders, who, what, where, and why, the suspects and the misleading information given by people claiming to be the Ripper, the police work and the problems they faced and finally the media and public reactions and the effects of them. Finally I will do my do a conclusion. I will summarise what I have said, I will also give my opinion to why I think he was not caught and what were the most important reasons for him not being caught. Jack the Ripper murdered 5 women, Mary Ann Nicholls, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddows, and Mary Kelly they were all mutilated in an extremely brutal way, the ripper would start by cutting their throat from left to right and then he would mutilate the body - his ferocity increased as the murders progressed. ...read more.


Ha-ha The scary thing is that the ripper actually kept to his word in this letter but there were many suspects and it was practically impossible to catch, "jack the ripper". This is a list of the following qualities that the police felt that the 'Ripper' suspect must have: � A white male; � Average or below average height; � Between 20 - 40 years old; � did not dress as a labourer or homeless person; � Had accommodation in the East End of London; � Possibly had medical connections; � May have been a foreigner; � Right handed; � Had a regular job as murders took place at the weekend; � Was single so that he could commit the murders. � Royal Conspiracy; � Maybrick Diaries; Police back then weren't as bad at their job as people thought, they tried to catch the murderer but back then they were held back because they didn't have our modern luxuries, radios, security cameras, forensic detectives etc. without our modern technology it was extremely hard to find the murderer so this was a massive impediment on the police force. ...read more.


He murdered them in the most brutal of ways, mutilation; he had no remorse for the victims. The murders happened in the east end of London, in whitechapel and they happened between August and November 1888 there was a range of suspects. From the Queens grandson, to a famous writer, the police couldn't pin-point a main suspect because they received numerous hoax letters and false allegations of people claiming to be the murderer and also they didn't have the technology we have today, so it made life harder for them to find out who the murderer was. Without the media the legend of jack the ripper wouldn't be as famous as it is. The media glammed up the murders and made them world renowned the ripper murders wouldn't be what they are today without them. In my opinion jack the ripper wasn't caught because the police didn't have our technology which was a immense hindrance towards them, if they had what we have today, they would've had a much better chance of catching him and solving the case once and for all, they were furthermore held back by the fact that they weren't supported by the public because they gave them fraudulent letters which is a very important reason for them being unable to catch him ...read more.

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