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Why work for the ranch? (Of Mice and Men, Writing to persuade)

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Manor Park Ranches 3 Farm Land Way England, UK Dear Sir, I notice that you are the representative for some of the best workers for Manor Park Ranches. As the owner of the nearby Farm House Ranches I would like to extend an offer of top-class employment to you and your fellow workers. I understand that you may be happy with you and your workers? current employment situation, but please take the time to see why Farm House Ranches can offer top class employment, complete with the best accommodation, facilities as well as social life. We have been inspected by the Ranch Quality Assurance scheme and are proud to say that we have been awarded the full five-star rating for our workers? accommodation. At Farm House Ranches we pride ourselves on offering the best possible living standards for our workers. ...read more.


However we have invested in the latest machinery and technology, all for the benefit of our workers. This does not only ensure that ranch work is quick and efficient, our workers? safety is also paramount and our machinery is checked regularly for faults. On top of this, our pay is considered to be one of the fairest wages offered to ranch workers; each worker is paid a base wage rate, followed by wages for their individual jobs. The harder a worker works, the more money they can earn. The accommodation fees are also deducted from the worker?s pay to minimise confusion, meaning that the workers do not have to spend time worrying about managing their finances on the ranch. For those workers who are more social, our accommodation complex also offers a top of the class bar, perfect for people who wish to sit down with others for a chat or have a drink, while relaxing on comfortable furniture. ...read more.


The answer is simple. We invest money into where it is needed the most, and this of course is our workers. Every single worker is important to us and we want to ensure that while work has to be done, our workers should also be satisfied with their conditions and still be able to enjoy a full social life. I hope that you will take my offer of employment into consideration; Farm House Ranches offers top quality accommodation, high safety standards as well as fair pay for all workers, all whilst maintaining a friendly atmosphere. There is a leaflet showing some of our facilities attached, feel free to have a look and contact the ranch should you wish to find work here. Yours faithfully, Mike Smith Owner of Farm House Ranches Farm Land Way England, UK ...read more.

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