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Why would you carry a dead body on your back?

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Why would you carry a dead body on your back? Would you like it if someone killed you just so they could wear your skin? Would you like to be somebody else's jacket or shoe or handbag? No. So why not say no to cruelty that targets animals just because they cannot say "no"? Animals shouldn't have to die just because people want their fur. Have you ever seen a pup that's skinned alive? Probably not, but I've seen it. Since then I can't sleep well. Nowadays, when I look at my two year old son, I think the same thing: How would I feel if any creature that was vastly superior to human being was doing the same thing to him. This is my nightmare. Is it possible to understand how a human being kills an animal that can look into the eyes of its killer in full of pain? I believe many of you may wish to wear fur because it looks posh and elegant. ...read more.


Let us look now at the other facts; * China is one of the world's largest suppliers. * Europe by itself is responsible for 70% of the fur breed. * In a year, more than 2 million cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs and seals are killed for their fur in the world. * The British government has banned fur farming in England and Wales in November 2000. * However, animals continue to be killed in many parts of the world. * The main reason of this is trade. * It takes as many as 40 animals just to make 1 fur coat, including coyotes, bobcats, lynxes, opossums, nutria, beavers, muskrats, otters, foxes, minks, bunnies, seals and raccoons. * Animals are often gassed, anally or genitally electrocuted, or poisoned, or their necks are broken. These methods are not always effective: some animals wake up while the skin is being torn off their bodies. * On fur farms, inquisitive and normally free-roaming animals such as foxes, minks and chinchillas spend their entire lives confined to tiny, filthy wire cages. ...read more.


There is no reason to wear fur, except one which is "vanity". These people who have a false sense of what fashion is want to be different from other people. However, it is only their ignorance that makes them stand out from others. We humans may be smarter than any other creatures in the world; however, I also think that we could be the most dangerous human beings on the earth who can kill animals for people to look stylish. How can someone do this to poor and helpless creatures? It is unbelievable. If you cannot stand seeing the violence with your own eyes, do not wear fur as clothes. There is an organization which is called "PETA" and their aim is to stop animal cruelty. They need your support. Please, right now rush your online donation generously and push everyone to do the same thing genuinely. Together, let's save more animals from slaughtered. It's time that fur in fashion went the way of the crop-top and the hair scrunchie: extinct. Do not forget, wearing fur means that you are the mutual of that savageness. We would like to see showcases get bloodless, what about you? ...read more.

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