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Wider Reading Assignment

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English Coursework Wider Reading Assignment The two stories I am comparing are 'The Speckled Band' and 'Lamb to the Slaughter' referring to the structure, language and characterisation. They are both detective story genies. 'The Speckled Band' was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1892 and 'Lamb to the Slaughter' was written by Roald Dahl in 1954. 'The Speckled Band involves a well known character called Sherlock Holmes who is a very good detective and solves cases as a hobby. In this story it shows how he solves a case. 'Lamb to the Slaughter' is about a couple who are look happy together and are awaiting a child. One day the husband tells his wife some news. The wife is hurt by the news and she kills him with a leg of Lamb. The story carries on showing you how she gets away with the murder. These two stories are detective stories. A detective story mainly includes a crime, suspects, mystery and may have a detective somewhere in it. A detective story make the reader make a think about what will happen e.g. the reader will make his own opinion who did the crime and what they did or if someone will get away with the crime if the story tells you the murderer as in 'Lamb to the slaughter'. ...read more.


After hearing this news Mrs Maloney is hurt, so she goes to the freezer to get the frozen leg of lamb to make dinner when she walks past the living room were Mr Maloney is stood with his back to her. Then Mr Maloney says to her ."For Gods sake don't make supper for me I'm going out". Which hurts Mrs Maloney more so she steps forward and strikes the leg of lamb at the top of his head killing him . This is the most dramatic point of the story. Roald Darhl keeps you reading because you want to know if Mrs Maloney gets away with it and how or if she found out by a significant clue. She ends up getting away with the murder because the police do not have any clue that she did it. But the one clue she did it is the murder weapon the leg of lamb that gets ate by the police in the end. Roald Dahl finishes the story of with the police eating the murder weapon and saying ."Personally, I think it's right here on the premises Probably right under our very noses. What do you think, Jack?" which the reader knows it is under their noses and so does Mary Maloney who giggles from hearing the police say this. ...read more.


The characters represent good or evil by what is told about them e.g. Holmes solves crimes so he is good. Roald Darhl does not describe his character as much as Conan Doyle. He describes Mary Malony shortly after the beginning but only describe small things such as eye colour, not her shape or how she looks. That is about the only person he describes, he doesn't describe Mr Maloney because he dies. He describes Mary as caring and helpful because she puts her husbands coat away and gets him a drink. He does this to make the reader think she would not do such a murder. He also tells the reader what she is thinking so the reader doesn't think she is guilty. There is no stereotype made on Mary because she is described as the type who would murder. Mary Malony is good at the beginning but turns bad when she kills Mr Malony. Were sympathetic to Mrs Maloney because she is pertrayed as a good person at the beginning but is hurt by her husband's news which turns Mrs Maloney bad. These characters are quite realistic like 'The Speckled Band' there is a detective who can solve about any crime which is quite strange because know one is possible in solving about every crime, there is no one like that and they all have normal life's. Tim Blundell ...read more.

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