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Wider Reading unit - Ghost stories.

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WIDER READING UNIT; GHOST STORIES; COURSEWORK ESSAY INTRODUCTION The ghost story writer has to attract the reader's attention straight away. The way story begins is important and often links with the rest of the narrative. The opening of a short story must try to engage the reader quickly. I think all ghost stories should always have a lot of suspense in it, to create anticipation and excitement. Some symbolic object/place for example a knife, a key must play a major part in the narrative. The story should also have lots of detail to get the feeling as if the reader is there to create different types of atmospheres, such as horror, terror, and excitement. They should also have a mysterious end, to make the reader go away thinking about it. Most people are interested in ghost stories because of the thrill and horror that is in it. Ghost story's challenges us to see how much of the paranormal we can take onboard and because it is a story they can always back away from it if it gets too unnerving. I have read "Wish Master", in which a demon awakes from an ancient pot that is destroyed in a robbery in a museum. ...read more.


signalman man were that he was terrified because of it and we learn about this through the narrator and the way he describes the signalman "there was something in the man that daunted me", this is because Charles Dickens was trying to create a different atmosphere in the story. In "The Deadfall" Ted Hughes doesn't describe the ghost in a way that Charles Dickens does. He describes them as if they are not even there. One example of this is when he talks about how his mother saw ghost of his uncle when she was hovering, telling us as if they are nothing to be afraid of. Charles dickens opening try's to get the reader intense and where as Ted Hughes who try's to get the reader more and more interested in the story and the signalman's reactions play a major part in this: "It was not to be denied that this was a remarkable coincidence". This reaction from the signalman is trying to say that the accident was a coincidence, making the reader think that it wasn't a coincidence and there was indeed a ghost there trying to aware him of something. ...read more.


"The cutting was extremely steep". The reader immediately fells as if he/she must be careful. I believe that the most important focus in The Signalman is the strange behaviour of the signalman at the beginning, which really hooks the reader into the story and makes him want to read more. In The Deadfall I think the most important point was the fact that Ted Hughes in the beginning tells the reader what the story is going to be about. "It came to me in one of the strangest incidents of my life". This sentence gets the reader really anxious to find out what was that strange incident and how did it happen. My personal opinion would be that The Signalman was better than The Deadfall because there were more horror elements in The Signalman than in The Deadfall. Ted Hughes "The Deadfall" fulfils the reader's expectations of the genre by getting a message across that man and nature have grown apart and that we should also preserve the wild environment and not try to destroy it. Charles Dickens "The Signalman" fulfils the reader's expectations of the genre by doing an excellent job of scaring the reader and building up the anticipation and making the reader more and more anxious about the story. By Bilal Jabbar D10f 1 Bilal Jabbar D10F ...read more.

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