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Wild and Untamed.

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I shielded my eyes from the niggling ray of sunlight peeking into my darkened room through the mottled green curtains. I turned over with an exasperated groan to try and hold on to the last grains of sleep, knowing fully well that now I was awake, I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. Grumbling to myself, I lowered my feet onto the cold marble floor and slouched over to the window. With a sweep of my hand, I yanked back the curtains and for an instant the bright sunlight blinded me, and made me blink furiously. I pulled open the sliding door with a resounding screech that would not have sounded out of place in a horror movie and stepped into the Romeo and Juliet style balcony. Immediately the pungent smell of earth and flowers shrouded me in its unique embrace. Below me, the city of Nairobi was beginning to show signs of bustle and although it was barely 9:00, the streets were already crowded. Among the modern hotels and geometric offices laid out before me were dispersed patches of green, which were the golf courses. On the right, I could see the outline of a plane taking off from Wilson Airport, framed against the cloudless, azure blue sky and beyond that, I could just make out a greenish haze- Nairobi National Park, my destination for the day. ...read more.


I was sitting in the front with the guide, and so I got the benefit of his flashing smile and deep voice. He told us that as it was migration season, there ought to be plenty of animals around. An hour later we still hadn't spotted a thing; my back was aching from the continuous jolting and I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to see any animals. Then suddenly, from behind a thorny bush loped a leopard, and what a gorgeous creature it was too! Its pale tan skin looked glossy and was covered with broken black circles. It stared at us with an arrogant expression in its golden brown eyes, before moving on; obviously deciding we weren't worth the trouble of a fight. I watched in awe as its slender four-foot body padded into the cover of the bush. Wole, the guide said leopards were loners and they only ever "stuck" with their mates. We were lucky to have seen one at all. The excitement of seeing a leopard had barely worn off when we heard a rustle behind the tall grass and a rhino, one of only five surviving kinds today, charged straight through, heading straight for the water holes sparkling in the distance. ...read more.


His long claws were hooked and seemed dangerously close to the four-wheel drive. As he opened his mouth to yawn, a pitch-black cavern loomed in its wake, guarded jealously by razor sharp teeth. As he lowered his heavy body onto the moist ground near the water, several other lionesses materialized behind him, all equally muscular but lacking the mane. They were surrounded by little cubs so cute that I couldn't believe that they would one day grow up to become the King of Beasts. Almost as if he sensed my gaze, the leader of the pride looked me straight in the eyes and the pride at the order in his jungle kingdom was apparent in those luminescent hazel eyes. The look in his eyes said clearly but soundlessly," I am the King". Two hours later, I was back at my cabin and ready for bed after a long day and a delicious barbecued dinner in the great outdoors. I wondered in excitement what the next day would bring; maybe I would see hippos or that chain-smoking chimpanzee Wole told me about. I walked out onto the porch, my feet thudding on the wooden floor and a chill wind ruffling my hair. I stared out into the darkness of the night lit only by the twinkling stars and in the distance, I heard the satisfied roar of a lion. ...read more.

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