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Will computers replace teachers?

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Will Computer Replaces Teacher? The development of computer technology produced numerous e-learning programs as the tool to help teaching and learning process. People have figured out how many of the routine lecturing activities can be done more efficiently using computers. For example, lecture by teacher recorded once can be made available to students all over the world on their computer through the Internet. Moreover, there are many ways to deliver the lecture in interactive ways also. Therefore, some people think that computers will replace teachers in classrooms. ...read more.


However, there are various levels of students. Different students have different intelligence, and their understanding abilities vary from person to person. Computer only provides a single way explanation while there are some students who need a further explanation and various ways of explanation. Therefore, teacher can't be replaced by computers since it obviously failed in covering the students' ability variation. Second, active knowledge is paramount for the students. Teachers who had many years' education and have rich teaching experience can provide students with flexible teaching methods. ...read more.


Last but not the least, the duty of teacher is not only to teach the students the portions in the syllabus. Teacher plays the role of a parent, a guide & even a good friend. Teachers can play a good role in overall development of a child which a mindless computer can't. Moreover, if students always face computers, it will be very tiring. They may feel bored and lose interests. The gestures, facial expressions and tones of teachers will help students to understand knowledge easily. The conclusion is computers are helpful in teaching and learning process, but it is impossible for computers to replace teachers. ...read more.

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