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William Blake

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How does Blake present the social problems of the 18th century, through his Poems and artwork...? William Blake 28 November 1757 - 12 August 1827. He was an English poet, painter, this made William Blake after his death became very popular with his poetry. He was married to a Catharine Blake he had no children; William Blake was one of the best poets of his time A lot of the rich people did not like him because he writes poems about the church and the king's power which he then got arrested for about saying things about the king. Life was very bad for the people in the 18th century because children were forced too work e.g. Chimney Sweepers made to go up chimneys and usually very young due to cancer and burns, but the how did they get to become chimney sweepers? They became chimney sweepers when there parents sold them because they were very poor and could not afford to keep them so sold them to a master witch will feed and keep them alive, so in a way it was what the parents had to do for the best. ...read more.


stanza is ending the poem with a very powerful last stanza "how the harlots curse Blast the new-born Infants tear And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse" this ends the poem very well and makes you think that London is a very bad place to be, and William Blake I think was very put his passionate about this poem, and shocks the reader. The second poem I have chosen is Chimney Sweeper this poem is very sad because it is just about how the chimney sweepers are treated, abused and been sold by there parents for money and have too work for a master. In the first stanza, starts the poem with a description about what the chimney sweeper looks like "A little black thing among the snow" this is telling us (the reader) that the chimney sweepers have no where to go for the night and have too sleep rough on the floor. The second line on the first stanza has a very well used quotation "crying weep, weep in notes of woe" the first piece of that is good use of poetry "weep, weep" sweep, sweep and is saying that the chimney sweepers and crying and sweeping at the same time. ...read more.


The third stanzas on the third line is about god and the king "And are gone to praise god & his priest & king" this is saying that the king is like by those that do bad and treat other people as does the church. Conclusion I think that the two poems are the kind of the same because the London poem is mainly about all of London and the chimney sweeper poem is about one thing In London the chimney sweepers. The poems are very good because they both have other meanings in the poems and uses very powerful words in his poems. He write about the things that he thinks are bad and things that he has seen in London. Both of the poems are based in London and are trying too showing that London is a bad place and not where you want to live if you're poor, and on of the things he has focused on the most this how children are being treated the worst e.g. chimney sweeper and child prostitute. ...read more.

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