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William Golding - 'The Lord Of The Flies.' - The long way back

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Sue-Ellen Castellino Year 5 English Mr. Krader. William Golding, wrote a well known classic called 'The Lord Of The Flies.' In this book he brought forth a story about the traumatic change in the human nature of children brought up in a proper British society. These children are faced with a crisis; a plane crash brings them to an island on which they have to survive. I will talk about some of the events on the island and I will build upon the two pivotal personalities of Jack and Ralph. This essay will address how Jack and Ralph's 'traumatically changed' physiological state will affect their competence in society. Firstly, the two most traumatic things apart from the plane crash are the deaths of Simon and Piggy. The death of Simon was done in a group, where each boy would share the same guilty conscience. I think this would eventually turn into paranoia. At the end Ralph's paranoia does in fact become a reality as Jack and his group are actually after him. Secondly, at the end of the book, in the last chapter, Golding describes Ralph's feelings upon the cruise. ...read more.


Also, he would probably not develop schizophrenia, as he probably does not comprehend fully the magnitude of his sins. The last chapter of the book talks to us about the officer's reaction at what he sees in the boys and their surroundings. He is shocked at how the boys could act in such a primitive way after being brought but in a British society. Percival is a good example for this primitive behavior. We know that at the start of the book, when asked his name, he rattles out a long sentence. But in the last chapter he can't even remember who he is, let alone complete a sentence. The second shock to the officer would be the news that two boys have been killed. Piggy's death was, the most horrific of the two as it was done by a group would have left a mark on all the boys and all those who hear of the story later. However, will Jack or Ralph tell of these stories? I think one way or the other the truth will come out, if not from these two boys, then the others. ...read more.


Or; we could look at it the other way; Jack might go through some punishment because of the lives he couldn't bring back. I would be a bit skeptical of Jack; after all he's capable of accomplishing anything when it comes to taking power/lead with force. After killing a pig, he would do it again and would most definitely needs counseling or any mental counseling they can offer him. I think Jack will probably be found competent in society. If he gets the punishment he disserves. And the discipline he needs. Good mental treatment would help ensure that he gets back to being nearly as normal as anyone else is. Ralph on the other hand cares too much about other people. Just as he cared for the boys on the island and hence will take a longer time to get back to the rhythm of civilization. Both Ralph and Jack will carry the burden of their experiences. These experiences have been engraved physiologically in their mind. Ralph will come to forgive himself but will never be able to forget. Jack will also remember but will probably be able to live with himself through each day, because he has surpassed the taboo of killing. ...read more.

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