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William Shakespeare.

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William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was a man with amazing talent. He contributed a great art to our world, which remained in the lives of countless people for many centuries and many more to come. This gifted individual is said to have been born on April twenty-third 1564. This is only assumed because the only relevant record kept is of his baptism, three days later. He was born during the year of the plague that killed an average of four children in every household. This disease murdered the first two children of Mary and John, who later became William's parents. ...read more.


At the young age of seven, William began attending grammar school and studied Latin under several areas. He grew older and eventually reached his teenage years. At some point in this stage of life, William Shakespeare endured a horrific tragedy. Catherine Hamilian, a girl in his hometown drowned. At this time it was unknown that this calamity would be reflected in a theatrical act he would later make. Despite the sadness in these precious years, he also found love in a young woman named Anne Hathaway. On December 1st, in his eighteenth year, they were wed. The following May they had their first child; a daughter named Susanna. ...read more.


Only a stage simply called 'The Theater'. He wrote of various themes. Although he was inspired by his flourishing garden the and beauty of the countryside, both which he loved so much. During his years as a writer, he composed thirty-seven plays, two narrative poems and One-hundred and fifty-four sonnets. This was all accomplished in the short time of only twenty-five years. Sadly, William Shakespeare passed on due to unknown causes at the age of fifty-two. Streaks of rosemary are often worn in his memory for it is known how he loved nature and it's beauty. Ben Johnson once said that In his remembrance: "In remembering him, look not on his picture but on his book" ...read more.

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