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William shakspeare act3 scene 1 analysis

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- Explore how Shakespeare presents the relationship between Juliet and her parents as revealed in the play "Romeo and Juliet". You should focus closely on Act3 Scene 5 in your answer - In William Shakespeare's play 'Romeo & Juliet', Juliet lives a life of constant oxymoron and dramatic irony. Whenever something happens another bad thing happens to counteract. In act 3 scene 5 we see the biggest changes in characters and how they react, including Juliet. The way that William Shakespeare has written the play, it allows us an audience to be aware of everything and pass our own judgements. Capulet tells Juliet of his plans for her to marry, Juliet reacts in horror and distraught. This enrages Capulet. As a result Juliet looks for comfort from her mother and the Nurse yet she receives nothing from either of them. Most of the audience is focused on Juliet throughout the duration of the play. Yet many changes can be seen in the surrounding characters, the Nurse's changes in affection and attitude towards Juliet. ...read more.


Capulet acts more like a modern day father would in that situation. 'Ripe' is a good indicator into how Capulet sees his daughter, it shows us he sees Juliet as always improving and progressing in life. 'Younger than she are happy mothers made', Paris does not agree with Capulet's choice ergo he attempts to persuade him. Juliet is a fourteen year old girl living in a patriarchal society. She is thought highly, by her father who speaks of her in poetic language 'woo her, gentle Paris, yet her heart. My will to her consent is but a part, language kind is common place in Elizabethan times. Capulet only sees his opinion as 'a part' of the overall decision, giving Juliet more control. Growing up in this sort of environment Juliet isn't used to the harshness of her father and Elizabethan times. As we see when Juliet refuses to marry Paris, 'it is an honour that I dream not of'. ...read more.


We as the audience are not surprised because we were present at Juliet's discrete visit with friar Lawrence. The Nurse is probably the most surprised by Juliet's' superficial change of mind. As she also knows of her marriage to Romeo. Lord Capulet in the Beginning is portrayed as a caring loving father, earlier in the play. He is seen to have a more modern look on towards things as he says to Paris. That his daughter is not yet ready to marry and it not fully his decision anyway. It surprises as much as Juliet, when we see his sudden change of attitude. We would expect Lord Capulet to, accept Juliet's response and maybe try to come to a compromise. Instead he burst out with fiery rage towards. In conclusion, act 3 scene 5 shows much contrast between characters attitudes towards Juliet and other. It shows us as the audience that, Juliet is living around false people and does no have no real true friends. This play is a very well thought out piece of script and if studied in depth boggles the mind. ...read more.

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