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William Wordsworth's 'composed upon Westminster Bridge ' and William Blake's 'London ' Provide very different images of London. Examine how these differences are conveyed.

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William Wordsworth's 'composed upon Westminster Bridge' and William Blake's 'London' Provide very different images of London. Examine how these differences are conveyed. In London during the 1800s most poor young children used to get diseases by drinking water from the river Thames. This was because the people of London would throw there waste into it. Many poor children died of a disease called cholera that made them turn blue and spotty; it was carried through infected drinking water in the public water pumps. The lower classes were too poor to buy medicine from the doctors to cure themselves, so many died from illnesses that would not be serious today. There were no medicines given to children to stop them getting diseases like measles, mumps, whooping cough and polio. A large percentage of children died from these diseases. In poor areas of the inner cities, up to half the children born were dead before the age of five years. The poor people lived in terraced housing; this type of housing was usually very cramped for the large families. They did not have back gardens, and the streets between the houses were cobbled, with waste channels running along them. ...read more.


William Wordsworth thinks London is a happy place where the sun is always shining. He was did not seem aware of the poorer more dreary side of London. He likes London more in the morning because he describes its beauty in the morning only. He mentions that London was a majestic place which may refer to the fact that London is a very royal city. He mentions all the leisure aspects of London like the ships, towers, domes and theaters which refer to London as being a wealthy and a fun place. William Wordsworth must of thought that London was full of nature and beauty, with lovely rivers and steep hills. He talks about the house's being asleep and of calm. William Blake has a very negative view of London. He sees the reality of the poor and run down areas, so he has a more realistic view on London. He mentions all the dreary but true points of London. He thinks London is a place full of fear. He sees all the harlots and what pain they are going through. ...read more.


His poem is more realistic then Wordsworths. He does not just go on about one thing he writes about different difficulties of people in London. I don't like William Wordsworth's poem that much because it is a bit boring and its like as if he is describing a picture instead of London. William Blake uses repetition in the second verse with "every". This poem is written in verses. "Mind forg'd manacle" is a metaphor. "Runs in blood down palace walls" is also a metaphor it creates an image in your head of blood running down palace walls and it means that it's the royalties fault for all the soldiers because their sending them to war. The rhyme in Blake's poem is a,b,a,b,c,d,c,d,e,f,e,f,g,h,g,h,d,i,d,i. William Wordsworth's poem is a sonnet (it contains fourteen lines). The rhythm of the sonnet expresses love. The rhyming pattern is always changing. He uses repetition with the word "never". "The city now doth like a garment wear" is a simile an is also personification he gives the city a human characteristic. The sun is personified by using the word "his". "The river glideth at its own sweet will" is also personification; it's describing the river as if it flows as it wants. Latifah Jassat ...read more.

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