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Willy Russel

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Willy Russell's Blood Brothers is one of the most popular plays currently running in London's West end. * From reading the play why do you think it's so popular? * What dramatic devices and theatrical techniques does he use that make it such an enjoyable show? Going to the theatre is different from reading a book because in the theatre the play is live. In the theatre you can see emotion on the actor's faces, there's also the music and the lightings, and you can see the body expression of the actors and their reactions. In a book you have to use your imagination and you can be wrong in some points. There is nothing like going to the theatre; it's a unique experience because you have to share the pay with the rest of the audience it's like at home when you're sitting on a sofa. In a theatre the atmosphere is different because of the lighting effects and the music but also because of the rest of the audience with who you share a play but also feelings and emotions. In the theatre you can empathise with the characters. I think that going to the theatre is a really unique experience because sitting with a lot of people and to have a same feeling and a same emotion; it's a bit funny but also exciting. ...read more.


If I couldn't get a job I'd just say 'sod it' and draw the dole, like a bohemian, tilt my hat to the world and say 'screw you'. So you're not working. Why is it so important?". The other dramatic moment is when Eddie is talking with Mrs Johnston I think that there's lot of emotion in that scene because the audience is surprised and then happy because Mrs Johnston and her son Eddie are finally together, even if it's not for a long time. I think that it's really touching because Mrs Johnston let him act like her child and don't try to make him go away: "She takes him, cradles him to her, letting him cry". The most touching moment in that play in my opinion, is when Eddie comes to Mrs Johnston's house to tell Mickeythat he's going to move. I think that in this scene there's lot of feelings, because that 7 years old boy coming to say bye to his Blood Brother, but also the way Mrs Johnston reacts is amazing and natural, the audience can feel that even if her son is not next to her day after day, she still loves him a lot. She talks to him, and she tries to keep both of her twins safe. ...read more.


And you make me sick! Right? That was all just kids' stuff, Eddie, and I don't want to be reminded of it. Right? So just, take yourself away. Go and see your friends and celebrate with them. Pause Go on... beat it before I hit you. Eddie looks and then slowly backs away" He communivates his feelings and this is why it's so moving and an important moment. Then there's the music which add the background atmosphere. I think that this play is the best I've ever read, everyone can read it and even if your learning English it's quite easy. This play explores life, the reason why this play is fantastic it's becase it's talking about everything. This play is engaging but aso really interesting, there's always something hapening and the characters are all nice in their own way. There's also a politic idea in that play, because the boys life are totally different and you can see it by the way they're growing. We can find loads of emotions. Willy Russell uses humour by what the characters are saying, he puts two grown men dressed inchildren's clothes to play the role of 7 years old kids which are playing cowboys and indians. This play is very impressive, fun and pleasing. I really liked it and fully understand why it's such a sucess on the London stage. ...read more.

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