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Willy Russell's sole purpose in 'Our Day Out' is to make his audience laugh. Do you agree?

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Willy Russell's sole purpose in 'Our Day Out' is to make his audience laugh. Do you agree? In Our Day Out, Willy Russell has a lot of jokes and things that make us laugh, but I don't agree that his sole purpose of the play is to make us laugh. This play is a bout a progress class in a school who go on a trip to Wales. The children live in Liverpool and they do not have very nice lives. Some of them are quite poor and most of them are not very clever. This play is about their trip to Wales and it is about the fun they have while they are there. Willy Russell tells us in this play about education, of the kids in the progress class and about poverty and how poor the children are. It is also about morals, and things that children should and should not do. The main two adult characters in this play are Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs. ...read more.


Willy Russell wants this play to appeal to kids and children are more likely to enjoy the play and understand the serious bits in the play if there is humour in the play as well. A lot of the funny parts in the play are when Linda and Karen are talking and flirting with Colin, and when Reilly and Digga try to embarrass Susan and Colin: "Sir's in love, sir's in love...Agh, ey, he is in love with y' though, isn't he miss." "I'll bet he wants t' marry y'." "You'd be better off with me, miss. I'm better looking. An' I'm sexier!" "Sir, it's dead spooky. It's haunted isn't it...Sit I'm frightened (linking his arm for protection)... But I'm frightened sir." (Grabbing his other arm) "Sir, so am I" It is obvious that most of the time the kids are just taking the mick out of the teachers and want to embarrass them. This is funny because even though the teachers are older, they are being made uncomfortable and getting embarrassed by the children. ...read more.


They are many different types of characters in this play which make it better because there is such a contrast between some of the characters. Mrs Kay just wants the children to have fun. Mr Briggs is a stricter teacher who believes the children should be well educated. Colin and Susan are two younger teachers who are lovers and get embarrassed by the kids. Carol is one of the main characters. She is a young girl in the progress class who lives in a horrible in Liverpool. Her dream is to live in a nice house with a nice garden and trees. When she goes to Wales she thinks is her dream place. The main part of the story is based on what happens with Carol and Mr Briggs at the beach. This play is obviously not written just to make the audience laugh. Willy Russell does have a lot of things in this play to make us laugh but there are also many serious points in the play. I do not agree that the sole purpose of this play was to make the audience laugh. ...read more.

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