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Wind Power Good Power Wind turbines are becoming more and more common these days. Uses of these wings are amazing and far more useful than one would predict with no knowledge of renewable energy. Large-scale wind turbines are becoming an increasingly common sight throughout the country, providing enough electricity to meet the needs of more than 600,000 families. Modern wind energy uses the same basic principles that have been around since the 1800s: the wind spins a rotor, which in turn spins a turbine inside a generator to produce electricity. Turbines blades have hardly ever blown off and now with the use of new materials. ...read more.


Company met members of the local community over Plans to erect up to 100 wind towers on land along the coast from Newport to Sunbury harbors. Mark Flint, state director of AWEC, answered questions about impact of the 50 m high wind towers. He said that farmers will be able to earn 4000 dollars and 8000 dollars in rent year for each wind tower they allow in their farm. He also said that the construction of all these wind towers will bring 300 jobs to the area and create 10 permanent jobs. He also said that these wind towers will boost 3% boost to the local economy. He told the meeting that people use wind powers to cut their electricity bills. ...read more.


It uses no fuel, it runs on wind which simply means that its for free. It also supplies great amount of energy to remote areas. Wind has been used for centuries to pump water up from underground. It could provide much needed extra income for farmers. So we need to contribute into helping the government to set up these wind powers by being positive and giving positive opinions about it. Let's face it fuels and petroleum will not be left on this planet forever, so we therefore need to do everything in our power to save little bit of it for the next generation and we can do that by using renewable source of energy like wind and solar power, that is free to use and efficient and give us the power we need ...read more.

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