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Witches vs. Goblins

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GOBLINS VS WITCHES In the middle of a forest there lived three Witches - Zelda, Zebbie, and Zwolfe. Zelda was the head of the witches and the meanest, also she wore red and purple as she was Fire Violet and was the boss for all spells and potions. She could turn into fire and throw burning purple violets. Zelda had a black cat called Hailow. Zebbie was the dumbest of all. She was head of the chickens, which were used for her spells of laughter and selfishness. Her clothes were baggy and their colour was white. She was called The Snow Ice because she froze people and threw snow. Zwolfe was the smartest. She knew every spell there was to Witchcraft. For that she was known as The Dictionary. The only problem she had was that she was fat like a pig. ...read more.


On the other hand, the goblins were ready to find and fight the witches, but they were told by the other goblins that the witches were already in Goblin Manor. This also made their job very simple. Both enemies were heading for the same direction when in the middle of a spooky tunnel, they bumped into each other. At first there was a sinister silence and then they glared at each other. The Goblins were slimy as slugs and green like grass. They were wearing scruffy, stinking cloths and were holding axes in their right hands and holding shields in their left hands. They hand a dragon with them. The dragon was small but had the strength of a Bear. It had extraordinary powers like throwing fireballs, disappearing into thin air, transforming into heavy rolling balls and being able to squeeze into any narrow gaps. ...read more.


They bought light with them which made the goblins melt. When they had melted, the battle was over. The three witches thanked their cousins for arriving there on time. Later, they left Goblin Manor and went back to their homelands. Two months later, the three witches decided to move nearer their cousins Kellie and Mustafa so they could have some company during the day. They packed everything that was theirs and then they left the cottage. When they reached there, they sneaked to the front entrance of their cousin's house, but, before they knocked, they strangely noticed that their door was open. When they entered the cottage, they were terrified to see no one there but a shambled room with footprints everywhere. The footprints were of no human, but of many different beasts and creatures. There was a hole at the back of the house from where the beasts and creatures would have escaped from. On the table near the broken television set there was a letter which read: ...read more.

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