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With a nagging mother, a lazy father and a self obsessed brother, my life couldnt get any worse

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´╗┐Everyday was a normal day for me; I?d wake up early, have a shower, get dressed, set out to school and see the same woman, sitting in the same place every day at the same time- but it wasn?t such a big deal for me, until one day, that woman was the one who made my ?normal life? not so normal? School was always an uplift to the day, seeing my friends and boyfriend was far better than my life at home which was always a disaster. With a nagging mother, a lazy father and a self obsessed brother, my life couldn?t get any worse. Locking myself in my room was the solution I always looked at. So school was my life really; however I always had this strange encounter, since I could remember, with this woman who sat on the bench on the side of my road, as she would be tere every single morning and every single afternoon when I came home. Im sure she wasn?t homeless because she always had the latest designer wear on, but this didn?t cross my mind. ...read more.


Moodily I walked to school, and suddenly remembered that I had forgotten my pass. I stomped my way back to my house, taking a short cut through the park which would lead me to back of the bench that lays on my street. To my surprise the woman was still sitting there, looking down at something in her hand. Creeping behind her quietly, I tried to peer over her shoulder to see what this woman was looking at, as she had still not heard my attendance. As I suspiciously looked over her shoulder, while feeling like a police investigator, I noticed she was looking at a picture, but not only a picture, a recongnisable picture; I peered closer, heart in my mouth, as my face was almost level with hers. And I saw the picture and my eyes glued on to it. My heart stopped. Me? My heart suddenly, from not beating at all, pounded against my cheast, so hard that the woman abruptivly turned around shocked and supprised. ...read more.


making sure she was always happy, as that would warm my heart as much as the way the sun was bwarming my back as I looked at her now infront of me. She looked back at me bewildered as I told her the story of what had happened as se was a young child- and with no fault of my own, I was found guilty and had to give her up. But not a day went past without me regretting my decisions and for not fighting my case better. She replied in a animal mannor, waving her arms around and shrieking, so load that her very own foster mother came out. As she saw me face to face with her, she knew what had happened straight away. She conforted her ?daughter? as I waited to see if she would tell her the truth; and to my supprise, she did. My heart stopped with over joy. I looked at my baby, as she looked at me. I smiled; she smiled back, and I instantly knew that this bench was no longer going to be needed. 930 CUT IT DOWN!!! ...read more.

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