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With close reference to Act 1 scene 5 show how Shakespeare presents love at first sight and young love in "Romeo and Juliet"? Consider how these ideas are presented in different interpretations of the scene.

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With close reference to Act 1 scene 5 show how Shakespeare presents love at first sight and young love in "Romeo and Juliet"? Consider how these ideas are presented in different interpretations of the scene. Shakespeare displays his ideas of love at first sight and young love in "Romeo and Juliet". William Shakespeare lived in the Elizabethan era where love was mostly influenced by the Courtly Love tradition. Courtly love is from the Middle ages and is much different to now. In Courtly love is where a man is supposed to fall in love with a woman who is or acts unavailable. The woman is supposed to refuse the man's offers and total ignore him and play hard to get. The man goes in to depression and he starts to do things to gain his fair lady's attention. She still turns him down and he starts to get jealous of her and anyone she is seen with. The woman is normally of a higher status, married or from the wrong family. Shakespeare uses the ideas of courtly love and goes against the rules. ...read more.


In this part of the play Shakespeare uses imagery to describe how Juliet looks and what her movements are like. Romeo describes Juliet as "a snowy dove trooping with crows" to show that she shines out from everyone around her. Shakespeare uses a range of techniques to describe how Romeo is feeling about Juliet and how he has to see more of her. He uses techniques such as Juxtaposition of love and hate to show how tense the scene is and that feelings are running high. This also is the excitement and danger. The young lovers have the excitement of love at first sight but have the danger of being caught together. This is perfect example of the playing of the emotions. Also in Act 2 scene 2 young love is shown. In this scene Romeo sneaks into the Capulet's garden after the ball. Juliet, not knowing Romeo is listening to her, reveals her feelings about Romeo and she is trying to find a solution so they can be together. When Romeo reveals himself he starts to become less rational about his relationship with Juliet when she is thinking about long term and about the consequences of their actions even though they are in love. ...read more.


In the Zeffrelli film the nurse is more "drunk" and she seems to encourage Juliet for Romeo. In Zeffrelli he has created a young looking Juliet. This is to show her innocents and how new she is to the idea of love. This seems to help the story on young love. Overall the Baz Luhrmanm film is for the younger generations to watch if they want fast action and more explicit love scenes. In conclusion I think Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" is a very triumphant love story and conveys the links between young love and love at first sight. It shows how young love and love at first sight can be and there isn't always a happy ending but the consequences make former effects improved. Shakespeare effectively manages to create a great love story weaving in the emotions of Love and Hate. He builds up an immense sense of tension adding to the scenes and makes the feelings of Romeo and Juliet much stronger and powerful. Shakespeare may have shown this is young love but as well he has shown people can't help whom they fall in love with like love at first sight. ?? ?? ?? ?? Romeo and Juliet Coursework Kerry Hammond 10N ...read more.

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