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With close reference to chapter 13 of

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With close reference to chapter 13 of "Nicholas Nickleby", show how Dickens engages the interest and emotions of the reader? Chapter 13 effectively encourages the reader to resent Squeers and see him as the villain, whereas Nicholas is portrayed as the hero and Smike and the other bays are lavished with sympathetic feelings. The chapter starts with a depressing description of the boys sleeping conditions, Dickens uses words like: feeble, ragged, and dull, to describe it, this powerful description makes the reader feel-strengthening hatred toward Squeers. Squeers is the headmaster at the boarding school "Dotheboys Hall" where Nicholas was sent to work by his uncle after his father's death. His father had only a small amount of money so he left it to his brother, and trusted him to look after his family, consisting of Nicholas's mother and Sister Kate. Nicholas's uncle is a hard remorseless man and sends Nicholas and his sister to work to earn their keep. The family are moved into a small dirty flat and given little money to live on. During Nicholas's time at Dotheboys Hall, he meets one of the boys "Smike" and befriends him. ...read more.


Although Squeers never talks to his wife in the same manner as him to her, it may be the he is too frightened. Mrs.S is unhappy with Nicholas staying and working at Dotheboys Hall, she often makes this very clear: "and indeed and indeed again, Mister Jackanapes,' said the excited lady; `and I wouldn't keep such as you in the house another hour, if I had my way.'" This suggests that Mrs.S is unhappy with Nicholas's conduct, he dose not share the same views as her, and this suggests that she has a quiet dislike for him. Mrs.S has not many lines describing her in this section of the book so Dickens uses adverbs: Contemptuously, (+more). These words shows how his style allows him to fit in heavy descriptions with few words, it adds to the moment when used with running speech creates a sense of action in the scene and brings characters movements into the forefront of the readers mind. Nicholas is the central character and hero of the chapter; He is disgusted by what goes on at Dotheboys Hall: "which Nicholas showed his disgust as plainly as looks could show it..." ...read more.


the reader rather than Nicholas but after the chapters recent events it would be hard to turn down such a bedraggled and unloved character such as Smike. I have enjoyed reading and unwrapping the hidden parts, which would not normally stand out as you plough through the chapter. Although it can be hard going to read Dickens's work, his highly expressive and intricate style of writing, can become incredibly engaging to the reader, as it does to me. You become almost used to it after a while .This stile gives the reader a sense of emotional involvement with the characters in the book. It makes the reader more in touch with the characters moods and personalities, giving the book a better dramatic influence on the reader. A favourite quotation: "`Which no doubt you would have been devilish sorry to do,' said Squeers in a taunting fashion." This line sums up Squeers's character as, the conniving villain that he undoubtedly is, but when said out loud in the proper style, this quotation can start a passion to read more writing in this style and explore the character from whose lips those word were said, rejoined, retorted, demanded, or even sneered. 1 ???????????????? ...read more.

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