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With close reference to the original text analyze the changes in relationship between Victor Frankenstein and his creation as the novel progress

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GCSE English Coursework. Media Assignment: Frankenstein Pre-1914 Prose Study Mary Shelly's 'Frankenstein' or the Modern Prometheus "With close reference to the original text analyze the changes in relationship between Victor Frankenstein and his creation as the novel progress." Mary Shelly's novel Frankenstein was inspired by an event that happened in her life. This event was a tragic event; Mary Shelley's was born in 1797 in London. She was a daughter of a very talented gothic writer; William Godwin Mary's father was married to Mary Wollstonecraft this is what led Mary Shelly to write 'Frankenstein', the tragic death of her mother ten days after she gave birth to her and never knew her or saw her. In 1814 at the age of just seventeen, Mary ran away with the poet Percy Shelly. In 1815, only a year after the wedding Mary gave birth to her first child, but in a dramatic event her first and newly born child died a very cruel and painful death. So it is this very horrible experience is what led Mary Shelly to write the novel 'Frankenstein'. In 'Frankenstein' the scientist, Victor Frankenstein, creates a living being from dead body parts. ...read more.


After he evaded the attacks he finds a nearby mountain, trying to find protection, consequently he finds a nearby family that is in need. The creature wants to make friends, but is worried as he realised his appearance was grotesque. As a result of this he takes the family food and fire wood and starts to watch and hear as the De Lacey family where gathering as well as more about the world. After he developed the skill to speak and write fluently the monster tried to talk to the family's father as he surprisingly was blind and wouldn't obviously judge his appearance, but unfortunately the son of the father Felix returns and starts to hit and beat up the monster badly as he is so ugly. Despite of the incident the monster spares Felix's life and runs off into the mountains alone and in need of love and kindness one of the emotions that victor hasn't shown him, as he's arrival he starts to curse the man who attacked him. Finally, the monster as he was walking in the glacier sees a figure of young boy Victors brother William, and hopes as he is a child won't judge him by his appearance. ...read more.


Furthermore, the promise that Victor made to the monster didn't help the situation. So it was these emotions that their relationship depended on each other shear HATRED. At the beginning Victor and the monster relationship is different victor was in despair whilst the monster was in need of love and affection. Later on after the death of William, the monster vowed vengeance upon his creator so as Victor too. The monster demanded that Victor creates him a mate and accepted, but didn't comply to his promise and this made the monster furious and hated his master and vowed revenge by killing Victors wife Elizabeth. At this point both are equal and both are living for only one reason hating each other and the only thing that would stop one another is if something happens to either. The message of 'Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein is "Don't mess around with mother nature". Also you must take responsibility for your won action, secondly, don't judge people on their appearances, clich´┐Ż "Don't judge a book by its cover". Finally, "No body is born evil it's the events that makes them evil. The way Frankenstein's monster turned out could have been avoided if Victor didn't neglect his creation and take responsibility for his own action. Finally, if Victor didn't break his promise of making the monster a bride none this event might of not happen. ...read more.

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3 star(s)

This essay is reasonably clear, shows an understanding of the text and introduces several important (sometimes irrelevant!) themes. If the writer had been more selective, made better use of quotes and addressed the question more directly, a higher grade would have been a must. This achieves a *** rating.

Marked by teacher Karen Reader 08/04/2012

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