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With reference to a production you have seen describe and evaluate both the staging techniques and design aspects and comment on their impact on the audience.

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With reference to a production you have seen describe and evaluate both the staging techniques and design aspects and comment on their impact on the audience. A production of George Eliot's novel Silas Marner was held at the "clwyd theatr cyrmru". The Theatre itself is only small but this was used to the best advantage. The novel attempts to prove that love of others is more fulfilling than love of money. The play is set on what appears to be a simple thrust stage, with a simple sky cyclorama. The cyclorama although with a simple design over powered the stage, as the characters shadows where projected on the cyclorama and changed size depending on there positioning on the stage. Often Silas Marner is criticized for being such a simple, unrealistic story. It does seem odd that after fifteen years of almost solitary confinement, Silas can trade his love of gold for his love of a daughter overnight. This point about silas's love for gold is a powerful theme in the play, and needs to be to create the narrative. Heavy representation is used in making one see that Silas has a love for gold, at the same time one needs to know that he is a lonely weaver. This is a difficult situation that the director had to face, but worked perfectly. ...read more.


The rest of the stage is bare and the lighting is virtually non-existent. The stage is dark and grey which has connotations of the cold and lonely. When Silas looks at his gold a warm bright glow of gold is shone through the stage. The orange/yellow glow tells the audience that he is looking at gold, the use of the bright light in the middle of a dark room shows how much he loves his gold. With religious representation the strong bright 2light" is used to show how much he loves the gold. Aldo the light filtered from the position of the gold, was reflected around the room, which showed his gold fills his life his home. During the performance several character changes took place; this is where one actor plays more than one character in the play. All of the changes where cleverly done and I think that it has a significance to the play. As the play is set in a small village and as previously mentioned villages are know for being a close knit community. Character changes really emphasises this as they are so close they become each other. One of the main characters is the child that was found and becomes Silas Marner's daughter Eppie. The actress that plays Eppie does the most character changes in the play. ...read more.


Obviously it would be impossible to use an actual horse on the stage and it would be difficult using a fake horse. Dunstan mimes the horse very well and makes it clear that he is riding a horse, by carrying out stereotypical moves for example whipping. Silas's occupation is a weaver; Silas mimes his machine again with a variety of easily recognizable moves. It is imperative that Silas mimes his machine as at the beginning of the play Silas's only priority is his job so it is relevant that he should be his machine. One becomes aware of how the setting changes and expands as Silas is taken in to the community towards the end of the play. The penultimate scene shows Eppie getting married the stage is filled with all the cast. Everybody facial expressions of the cast where happy and the marriage seemed to bring everyone together. A marriage is here two people are joined to become one family, I think that this marriage seen was also showing that Silas had been accepted into the family of the villagers. The last scene shows the villages dancing around a maypole. All of the ribbons are colourful and have connotations of happiness. The ending of the play is a complete contrast to the beginning this shows how Silas has now been accepted. The fact that Eppie's wedding shows the acceptance reminds one that Silas has been accepted due to Eppie changing his life. Lorraine Clough L6HX ...read more.

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