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With reference to at least two advertisements, comment on how advertisers sell their products

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English Coursework 2 Personal Writing - Non-fiction "With reference to at least two advertisements, comment on how advertisers sell their products." The primary aim of an advert is to raise awareness of the product being advertised. If a consumer enters a shop knowing that they want something, they are more likely to buy a product that they have seen before than a product of which they have no knowledge at all. The advertisement is used as a laboratory in which to test the product and its effects on the consumer. This is key to advertisers in creating a sense of familiarity because it dispels one of man's most basic fears: the unknown. In its "Brighter Shopping" advertising strategy, Argos floods the shot with bright colours and its logo. When the advert is placed during a dark drama, for example, it creates a striking juxtaposition which attracts the audience's attention. ...read more.


Because the advert's humour is quite memorable, it is satirised by many comedians and gains free advertising as a consequence. It also appears in the playground, at university or even in the office: again flooding the consumer's life. Controversial issues, opinions and images are used in the same way and follow the idea that "all publicity is good publicity". An example of this is the 1991 United Colours of Benetton newspaper and billboard campaign that depicted a new-born baby with its umbilical cord still attached. It was probably the most controversial campaign ever, but gained a huge amount of publicity for the United Colours of Benetton. With this controversy, the campaign may have even enhanced the company's reputation with many youths who saw it as an advance in freedom of expression. Therefore, each time someone says the Budweiser catch-phrase or mentions the new-born baby campaign, the consumer automatically makes an association with the company and becomes more familiar with it. ...read more.


The slogan used says that "every house should have a mouse" which is a rhyming, memorable and ironic phrase that cleverly claims the necessity of the tool. When stated by the narrator, men from the northern parts of the country trust him because he is part of their community, and men from more southern parts of the country trust him believing he is knowledgeable about the subject. The audience is not just made familiar with person nor just made familiar with the product, but is actually lured into a false trust of the person and company advertising the product. However, the trust invoked in the audience is not really present at all in the advertiser. The advert only creates an illusion of trust reciprocation and blinds the audience with colours, music, humour and the familiarity of the people depicted. In essence, the laboratory of an advert does not conduct a fair test and the audience is left with an opinion distorted in favour of the advertiser. This opinion is what the advertisers rely on to sell their product. ...read more.

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