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With reference to 'God's Grandeur' and two other poems including at least one from another era, explore the ways in which the sonnet form is associated with love and ardent expression'. Luke Hyde

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English Literature: Poetry Luke Hyde Q. 'With reference to 'God's Grandeur' and two other poems including at least one from another era, explore the ways in which the sonnet form is associated with love and ardent expression'. God's Grandeur is a sonnet associated with the environment and obviously, God. It is an Italian petrarchan sonnet, where there is a noticeable split in the poem which makes up the octave and the sestet. The first four lines of the octave, describes a natural world through which God's presence runs through like an electric current, becoming at times noticeable is flashes. A metaphor is used to emphasise God's Grandeur as an electric force. Gerard Hopkins suggest that there is some kind of force not to our attention, which builds up a sort of tension which can be both positive or negative. God's presence could also be described as a rich oil, which when tapped with a enduring pressure, builds up to a greatness. These comments are stated in the poem, 'It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil'. It is clear to the reader from this point that the love being expressed here is very much towards God, his presence, and the natural world surrounding us. ...read more.


It personalises the poem so much more effectively, resulting in more powerful ardent expression. It is a very personal poem, with references made about 'I, me , you'. There are equal syllables per line throughout the poem which creates a balanced and perhaps morbid tone. This helps to add to the dark mood of the poem on a whole, because it is such a sinister subject which is being written about. However, strong contrasts are used to add to the tension. As already established, the mood of the poem is extremely solemn, however on line six, Rossetti uses positive language as a way to subtlety differentiate the poem. She talk about the closeness and the loving relationship she shared with her partner, 'You tell me of our future that you planned'. Repetition is used throughout this poem, especially with the word 'remember'. It is used five times throughout this short sonnet. By using repetition, it creates an echo effect. This is important because by having some sort of echo throughout the poem, it creates a very chilling and haunting atmosphere, which is significant since the theme of the poem is about separation by death. ...read more.


The poet expresses his love for the city furthermore by commenting on different and unique features of it. For example he comments on the power, the religion and the arts. This reinforces to the reader that London is a culturally aware city, which adds to it's greatness, 'Domes, theatres, temples'. 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge' uses a musical type rhyme scheme to connect both the romantic and the delightful sides of the poem, 'the city, now doth, like a garment, wear....the beauty of the morning; silent, bare'. This all adds to the ardent and enthusiastic expression. The language in this sonnet used by Wordsworth ensures that London is particularly soothing and soft, which gives London on the whole a more positive effect, which is what the poet is trying to achieve, 'never did sun more beautifully sleep'. The similes used in this poem gives it more character and an extra dimension, 'this city now doth, like a garment, wear the beauty of the morning'. The reader gets the notion from reading this that the city of London is just like a person in the morning, clothing itself, which automatically hides its amazing wonder and beauty. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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