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With reference to Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men , Explain Why Is Friendship Important In Todays Society.

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WHY IS FRIENDSHIP IMPORTANT IN TODAYS SOCIETY? Friendship is one of the most important aspects of life. It is an in-depth relationship combining trust, support, communication, loyalty, understanding, empathy, and intimacy. Aspects of life that all of us need. Friendship usually starts because you share the same ideas. Interests and same sense of humour are the usual ways friendships start. In today's society friendship is particularly important; I will discuss why this is, and the challenges that arise in friendship. Friendship needs commitment. A friend will not desert someone when they are down or need help, and when friends have quarrels, they should not just walk away from each other when they disagree. Can the friendship overcome the challenge that may have arisen in the relationship; will the friends still be together despite this challenge? If they are true friends they should be able. Forgiveness and compassion. These are also important, you need the ability to be able to be in your friends shoes (understand them) ...read more.


The challenge in their relationship is the constant moving from place to place. Yet, these two friends stick together. George is also forgiving and compassionate. Lennie is stupid, and George understands this and can see through Lennie. An example of this is Lennie's obsession with 'petting' nice things (as with the girl) and when Lennie brings a pup secretly under his shirt into the cabin, George immediately realises and says "I tol' you you couldn't bring that pup in here" George does not get angry, he just understands Lennie likes nice things to pet. Friendships mean people can trust each other. For example, with their secrets, both large and small. Good friends never break a confidence. They should be someone you are not afraid to be upset in front of because you can trust them with your feelings. Friends also wouldn't think twice about sharing valuables or possessions because they trust each other that nothing will happen to them on purpose. ...read more.


Friends will listen to each other because they like to hear what that person says. The previous points show how a friendship is made up, but why is it important in today's society? Modern day culture is fast paced, and different values seem to be important. People can get obsessed with image, they want to be seen to have visible success, and we live in a culture where image dominates. Friendship, this challenges the superficial values. Society needs to balance work, family and friendships. Work is becoming more demanding and creates considerable stress, and this instability of the world of work puts pressure on all relationships. Family relationships usually come before friendship, so where does that leave a busy business man? How does he maintain friendships? There is no simple answer except that it usually comes back to the superficial substitutes for friendship, like e-mail. I believe proper friendship is becoming harder to maintain, and superficial values are starting to cloud over and stop real friendships from forming. As in "Of mice and men", "I never seen one guy take so much trouble for another guy". ...read more.

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