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With reference to the four poems you have studied, compare and contrast the different attitudes and feelings these present about love and loss.

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Poetry Coursework With reference to the four poems you have studied, compare and contrast the different attitudes and feelings these present about love and loss. Answer: For my poetry coursework I have decided to compare 4 poems. These are 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci', 'Remember', 'At Castle Boterel' and 'Stop All The Clocks.' 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' can be looked at on many different levels but on a basic level it is about a knight that is infatuated with a beautiful women. 'Remember' is a poem written by a women who says when I am gone forget me and move on with your life. The poem portrays love and loss. 'At Castle Boterel is a poem about a man who is remembering his wife. This memory is triggered by his surroundings. This poem is mainly about loss. 'Stop All The Clocks' is a poem about 2 lovers who have been separated as one has died, the poem expresses how the person has to cope with the death of their partner. 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' is about how a knight is attracted to a beautiful woman that has no mercy. There are 2 poetic voices in the play these are a person observing the knight and the knight himself. ...read more.


"Gone far away into the silent land" The silent land is a euphemism for death, the poet has used a euphemism for death as it gives it a gentle image. It also suggests that she is going into another place. "When you can no more hold me by the hand" The poet is showing physical separation between herself and her partner in the image. "Better by far you should forget and smile" This quote shows that the poet would prefer her husband rather to forget her and get on with his life. 'Remember' is sonnet where as 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' is a ballad. A sonnet is composed of 14 lines. This sonnet is split into 2 different sections, the octave and sestet. These two sections symbolise a change in the mood of the poem. The octave occurs at the 8th line and the sestet is the remaining 6 lines. The ballad has a regular rhyming scheme. There is charge of mood from beginning to end. At the beginning the women wants her husband to remember her when she dies but towards the end of the poem the women wants her husband to forget about her and get on with her life. 'Remember is different to 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' in many different ways. ...read more.


In verse six he regrets how he cannot go back in time and be with his girlfriend. In the last verse the memory starts to disappear from his mind and he has decided not to go there again as he is too old and he is dieing. I believe the poem symbolises how painful it is to be separated from someone you have loved and how memories are easily triggered. The language used in 'At Castle Boterel' is very different to the language used in the other 3 poems. This poem uses pathetic fallacy, which is when weather is used to symbolise emotion. There are also a few metaphors used. The form of 'At Castle Boterel' is a 5-line lyrical stanza verse. There is a rhyming scheme to this poem it is ABABB. There is a very short last line of each verse it shows that he has died. This poem is a celebration of love and a painful recognition of loss. In conclusion these 4 poems express a range of different emotions, from the heartbreak of "la Belle Dans Merci" to the loneliness of "remember". Out of all the poems that I read I believe that "at Castle Boterel" is the most touching as I have a similar experience and it conveys all of the feelings and emotions that I felt during that period. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bhavin Dholakia - 1 - ...read more.

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