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With reference to the three poems; 'A Woman to Her Lover', 'When We Two Parted' and 'First Love' explain how they represent different types of love and the techniques they use to achieve this.

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With reference to the three poems; 'A Woman to Her Lover', 'When We Two Parted' and 'First Love' explain how they represent different types of love and the techniques they use to achieve this. There is a wide variety of the types of love with different aspects to the effects and meaning of love. This makes it harder to define them. There is your first love, which is the first person who have fell in love with properly, you can be any age, young or old, you r past relationships have been flings or you may just thought you found the right one and hadn't. There is emotional love, where you care for someone more than anything else. However with emotional love there is emotional blackmail where you are used in order for someone's happiness but leaves you far from it. Along with emotional love there is physical love where you show your love through actions rather than words or feelings. Physical love is normally shown with sexual behaviour where the other person reacts with the same actions and behaviour. Family love is a total different type of love altogether. It is a love that stands all alone by itself and yet is the strongest love of all. The bond between mother and daughter or father and son should be the hardest if not impossible to break and the same for brotherly love. ...read more.


It is flowing through the poem for example: 'Are flowers the winter's choice? Is love's bed always snow? She seemed to hear my silent voice And love's appeal to know' The second and fourth line rhyme and the first and third line rhyme. This regular scheme shows his love for her is true, natural and flowing like the rhyme scheme. This links back to his nature side as rivers and streams flow like his rhyme and love for Mary Joyce. John Clare uses personification in his poem 'First Love' as he gives nature human characteristics thus: 'They spoke as chords do from the string' showing the music of love because when someone is in love they may say 'he/she rang my bell', bell being a term of music and bringing music to his ears. 'A Woman to Her Lover', a poem about how a woman wasn't going to live by her lover's rules and expectations, by Christina Walsh has imagery of sexual context. In the poem there is a lot of hyperbole about the fact that she has her own opinions and that a woman can make her own mind up about what she wants in a relationship. The imagery isn't really set out as techniques, it's more written as a speech direct to the reader. This poem is lampoon and is intended to wound her lover. ...read more.


Lord Bryon uses enjambement a lot in his poem; this helps the reader gather knowledge of his feelings directly and sharply one point after another. Thus: 'If I should meet thee' After long years'. Bryon describes his past relationship with Fanny as if he regrets it and with bitterness. The first three verses are about the relationship itself, and describing the feelings he had and the effects it had on him. The fourth verse was about Fanny, and how he feels glad he got 'shot' of her. The final verse is what he must do if he meets her again. The relationship broke up in tears as he describes in verse one. However, he is still bitter. Thus: 'Paler grew thy cheek an cold, Colder thy kiss'. This means his kiss wasn't going to be used in a while. He has no one to kiss anymore. His cheek getting cold is probably the fact he is waiting all alone in the dark for his love to come along. At the end of verse four, Bryon puts Fanny down by saying 'for the woman once falling forever must fall'. By saying this he says, Fanny will always be the same; breaking people's hearts and cheating on them. Lord Bryon uses irony for bitterness in the final verse. Thus: 'How should I greet thee? - With silence and tears?' Bryon is obviously being sarcastic as he says they should meet the same way they parted. By Michelle Balderstone ...read more.

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