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With reference to two key scenes explore the relationship between Mickey and Eddie in "Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell

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With reference to two key scenes explore the relationship between Mickey and Eddie in "Blood Brothers" by Willy Russell Willy Russell was born just outside Liverpool, but at the age of 5, moved to Knowsley. Academically he was a failure at school, but it was during English silent reading lessons that he realized he wanted to be a writer. He left school with an English O level as his only qualification to work for six years as a hairdresser. The plays he has written include: "Our Day Out", "Educating Rita", "Blood Brothers". "Blood Brothers" was a musical written in the 1980's about twin brothers who are separated at birth, but in later years become friends. They are friends throughout their childhood and always look out for each other. The play starts at the end, then goes back and tells the events that lead to the situations. Class was a major issue covered in the play - the Lyons family was upper class and the Johnson family was lower class. If this class system wasn't in the play then the meeting of Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Lyons would not have happened, Mrs. Lyons employed Mrs. Johnson to clean her house so if the two different classes weren't addressed in the play then Edward would have stayed with Mrs. Johnson, so this issue was also a theme that had a useful part in the play. ...read more.


My initial opinion of Eddie is hat he is friendly and confident, "Are you going to come and play there again?", because he just goes over and starts talking to Mickey. Mickey's initial reaction is that he is suspicious of why Eddie started talking to him. Another time that Mickey is suspicious is when Eddie offers him some sweets. His reaction is one of shock, "Are you soft?". I think he reacts like this because the people he grew up with had little as are poor and can't share what they do have. He also worries that people may have tampered with it, "if Sammy gives you a sweet he's usually weed on it first". Ironically this is the scene where the two boys make a pact to become "Blood Brothers". In Act 4, Scene 2 the difference in class becomes more apparent. Eddie returns at Christmas from university while Mickey is struggling to provide a living for his family. The "brotherly bond" between them seems to have disappeared. This is because on Eddie's return, Mickey seems to just ignore him and give short, clipped answers which shows that something is wrong, "good", "ok", "come on where?". This gives the impression that Mickey is jealous of Eddie, as he has been away furthering his education and going to parties and meeting new people. ...read more.


Johnson. When Mickey says, "Friends! I could kill you... We were friends weren't we? Blood brothers, wasn't it? Remember?", it would tell Eddie and the readers that Mickey's idea of a friend is built around a childish pact. By adding abbreviation into Mickey's speech it would show the audience that he can't even control what he is saying. He also uses the theme of guns throughout the play and I think this may have been a hint as to how the play ends. Mickey's past encounters with guns and violence may be the reason he went so far over the edge that he threatened to shoot Eddie. When Mickey and Eddie were children they used to play shooting games, but now this was no longer a game. When Mickey tells Eddie that he has stopped taking the pills, it is significant because it would tell Eddie and the audience that Mickey isn't thinking straight and is not in control of his actions. It also shows that the only was Mickey can react is through violence. Mrs. Johnson appears just as Mickey is about to shot Eddie and tells the two boys that that they are brothers. This leads to Mrs. Lyons "accidentally" shooting "her" son Eddie and then through anger killing Mickey as well. Consequently the play ends with both families grieving over the twin brothers. By Deanne Sandiford 11S ...read more.

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