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With reference to two of the stories that you have read discuss what makes Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle such a successful crime writer within the genre of detective writing

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14 - C With reference to two of the stories that you have read discuss what makes Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle such a successful crime writer within the genre of detective writing Arthur Conan-Doyle is such a successful crime writer because he uses a wide range of techniques, such as using real names and places, to make it very believable. Conan-Doyle also chose elaborate and mysterious crimes for Sherlock Holmes to solve. Holmes doesn't use any supernatural powers to solve the crime but by using logical means so the reader can believe the stories more. Conan-Doyle introduces criminals early. The criminal usually has distinguishing features that set them apart from ordinary people. As Conan-Doyle writes the story he gives the reader all the clues Holmes is given. Watson is also used to get Sherlock Holmes to explain the clues so the reader can believe they can solve the crime. I read the Speckled Band and A Scandal in Bohemia. The Speckled Band is about a woman who comes to Holmes fearing for her life. The woman is called Miss Stoner. When her mother died she left all her assets to her husband, Miss Stoners step-father, Dr Roylott. However, if the daughters were to marry they would get a percentage of the assets. ...read more.


Dr Roylott is introduced and made to seem like a dangerous man. This also interests the reader, because people like dangerous and bad criminals. "Violence of temper approaching to mania has been hereditary in the men of the family and in my step-fathers case it had, I believe, been intensified by his long residence in the tropics." Miss Stoner is describing her step-fathers violence. Conan-Doyle is making the criminal appeal to the audience. The audience will assume he is a bad man and want him caught, but when he dies, the reader will think Dr Roylott deserved it because they have grown to hate him. Conan-Doyle also developed "Sherlockhomitos" Sherlockhomitos is the technique employed by Sherlock Holmes of making deductions from very few clues. Conan-Doyle developed this technique in the Sherlock Holmes books. "You must have started early yet you had a good drive in a dog cart, along heavy roads, before you reached the station." This is an example of Sherlockhomitos in The Speckled Band. Sherlock Holmes has just seen Miss Stoner, yet he can work out her journey just from looking at her. This technique makes the reader more interested in the story because they wonder how Holmes deduced it. ...read more.


In A Scandal of Bohemia the reader assumes that Holmes and the King will get the picture, however, Holmes is outwitted by a woman. This is very shocking to the reader, as, in the time the book was written woman were looked down on by men and often had poor education. Yet Holmes, who the reader considers extremely clever, is outwitted by a woman. This makes Holmes seem normal again. Conan-Doyle never lets Holmes get too unrealistic. As Holmes explains how he knew the criminal and how they did the crime, he refers back to pieces of evidence we was given earlier in the book. This makes the reader finally understand the importance of the evidence given. All the techniques make for a very good crime book. To the reader, the stories are very realistic because it never gets too unrealistic and everything sounds feasible. Conan-Doyle gives Holmes special techniques such as Sherlockhomitos to help him sound better than most people, but also makes him outwitted by Irene Adler in A Scandal of Bohemia so he seems normal again. Watson helps Conan-Doyle explain clues and such to the reader in more detail so they can understand them and build up their own theory in their head. This keeps the reader interested because they want more clues and to see if their theory is correct. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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