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With Reference to two poems, describe the poets' recollections of childhood. Are there any common features between them?

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With Reference to two poems, describe the poets' recollections of childhood. Are there any common features between them? The two poems that I have chosen are Hide and Seek by Vernon Scannell and Brendon Gallacher by Jackie Kay. Both poets have written a poem based on there experiences of childhood. Hide and Seek takes place in a summer garden where some little children are playing hide and seek and the narrator who is Vernon Scannell seems to be hiding in a garden shed. Then the poet describes his thoughts and excitement. When he realises it has gone silent he wonders what has happened but he stays in the shed. ...read more.


However when her deceit was discovered, Brendon Gallacher metaphorically dies. The main theme portrayer between the two poems is loneliness. In Hide and Seek the aspect of loneliness is when the child emerges from his hiding place, thinking that he has won but he is mistaken as he soon comes to realise that he is alone. This is because the other children had given up looking for him: "Yes, here you are but where are they who sought you?" He thinks he is the winner but really the others had just left him all alone. In Brendon Gallacher the little girl is so lonely that she dreams up her own friend. ...read more.


These phrases are reminiscent of death as if you are died you can not feel anything so your body is stiff and you are very cold. In the final stanza of Brendon Gallacher the mother tells the girl that the Gallacher's never existed and that was when the fantasy or dream: "There never have been any Gallacher next door and he died then, my Brendon Gallacher." To conclude both the poets' recollections of childhood were about loneliness and in some cases death but they were both completely different. In Hide and Seek, the boy is lonely as he has been forgotten by his friends who had given up looking for him, whereas in Brendon Gallacher the girl is also lonely but this is because she has no friends. Thus indicating the two poems are contrasting but revolve around the same theme. ...read more.

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