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With the little bit of consciousness left in her she thought it was better to die like this than spend a lifetime in prison. Little did she know her death was all to be in vain.

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She was lying on the floor with her face next to the gritty, wet pavement and bleeding intensively. She had cut her veins in the attempt to kill herself, using that fine, gleaming point of the blade that for the last few weeks had been used to shave her legs... its purpose had severely changed, it was now what could be classed as a "suicidal tool". As she lay on the ground she became drowsier and began to fall into a coma. As she passed into deep sleep she began to see a kaleidoscope of flickering lights like flames dancing in the wind. She had always known her innocence and who the real killer was but she had no voice against the law. She could not say who he was and why he did it... she was slipping faster and deeper into the coma. Finally, after twenty minutes virtually all her blood was drained from her body and she felt the last pang of the cruel life she led. With the little bit of consciousness left in her she thought it was better to die like this than spend a lifetime in prison. ...read more.


The girl, "Jade" had just finished cleaning the blood up from the wooden laminated flooring. She called 911 in an attempt to have this murder reported. Soon after she rang she the police, she heard the sirens flaring, they pierced the silence like the bullets had sprinted through Dave's flesh... they had came within ten minutes and immediately thought that jade was the prime suspect. They took her into custody and questioned her like her innocence and ignorance to the matter was her crime. The police put Jade charged her for first-degree murder. She went home that night on bail, she arrived at her home and couldn't think of it as her safe sanctuary any more, she needed comfort and love but her extended arm was rejected each time. She went into depression her hope's shattered... her dreams distraught... All her love for her life gone... all because she was torn between confessing her old love's involvement or going down for a crime she didn't commit but had already been accused of. She didn't feel safe and couldn't get the murder off her compressed chest. ...read more.


The next morning the police found her pale body, it looked as if it had had the life sucked out of it. And so the solicitor phoned Laura and tells her the tragic news and that jade left her, her diary and she must collect it before noon. Laura burst in to the apartment and rummages for the diary. After ten minutes she finds the diary and reads it, each word she reads the more she hates her self for not helping Jade through the hardship of the tragedy and finds out who the killer really was. Laura rushes over to the courtroom were they are announcing that Jade was dead and hurled the diary in front of the judge and makes him read it. He is over whelmed by the diary's logs that he sympathizes the Jade and clears her name. But Laura felt so guilty because of the way she treated Jade that she killed her self and mirrored Jade's death and lay there until she died, and while she was dieing she kept crying that in her eye's you could see the sadness and heart break she felt as she died...... ...read more.

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