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Woman In black

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In Susan Hill's novel The Woman in Black, Hill uses many techniques to hold the interest of the reader. The Genre of the novel is a ghost story. The main character is a lawyer from London called Arthur Kips. In the first paragraph Hill sets the scene by talking about the weather. It is a terrible storm. The first technique that is used is onomatopoeia, and a personification, an example of this is on page 94 "Moaning" and "Whistling". This makes us the reader feel that something is out there trying to get us. This makes us also feel like we are there and we can sense how scary it is. ...read more.


Another simile is 'hearing the wind rage round like a lion. This makes the wind furious as a lion can be very scary. Hill has used onomatopoeia 'the gale that came roaring'. This makes it scary for the reader by using the word roaring. On page 95 Hill has used rhetorical question 'perhaps it was the woman in black', 'Had Mrs Drablow harboured. Hill uses another simile on page 101 'cradling spider like a child in my arms'. This shows that spider and kipps have grown together, and have established a bonding love. It also shows that spider really matters to him. ...read more.


My conclusion of the ending of the novel is that it is wired as the novel went from being really interesting and Hill using all the wonderful techniques, but by the ending the last chapter 'The Woman In Black' I thought that hill had lost interest in her writing and I felt it was really bad so I wonder what some one else things of the ending who read more novels then me. Hill has lost the 1st person which made the novel believable, but now Hill has used 3rd person the effect has changed. When we first look at the novel we know kipps writes his own ghost story, but I cant understand why the writer has done this. ?? ?? ?? ?? Craig Waters English Woman in black ...read more.

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