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Woman write about men in three of the poems we have studied?

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How do woman write about men in three of the poems we have studied I have chosen three poems out of four; they are Easter Monday, Valentine and Remember. Valentine is a love poem. It was written by Carol Ann Duffy in the 1990�s. It is a very unusual poem, when you hear its title you think it is going to be very romantic, about gifts, chocolates, kisses etc. But when you read a bit you see that it is very different. Remember is another love poem, it was written by an 18 year old girl, Christina Rossetti. It is about a woman who sees the future as very ugly and hasn't got any expectancy for the future. Easter Monday was written by Eleanor Farjeon it is also a love poem. It is based on a man who fights in the war and he doesn't receive three letters from his girlfriend because he goes over the top and dies. ...read more.


If it is going to make you unhappy it is better to forget me she says. This shows how much she loves him." It was such a lovely morning when you spoke" The man has a lot of affection and gratitude towards the writer and a hopeful tone of it. She speaks about all the pleasant things of the man and how he found the egg before Easter Monday which shows some happiness. In Valentine Duffy uses a lot of metaphors and repetition. She says: "It is a moon wrapped in brown paper" When you first hear this you find it very unromantic and funny although afterwards the poet starts to give reasons to why he chose that gift. The first line is a metaphor because the poet uses an onion as an example to say what she is giving him is very precious and romantic ( the moon). "It will blind you with tears" in this extract it shows that love can be very emotional and happy as well as unhappy and make you feel depressed. ...read more.


"Better by far you should forget and smile Then that you should remember and be sad" Here she uses an enjambment, she uses to give a strange view of the poem, to give it more rhythm. In the last lines she contradicts herself and says that he must forget her and be happy although she prefers him to remember her and be sad. This poem portrays men as dominant in the relationship and very nice. In conclusion, this three poems portray men in a positively way and they show very well all the love they feel towards them. Especially Remember and Valentine. Remember is a good example of what to do in case of someone you love dies. You should remember him but learn to live your life and don't be so sad when ever you remember him. This poem is my favourite way because it has a didactic side because you can learn something out of it. By: Borja Merelo 10C ...read more.

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