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Women are described as dangerous in most Romantic poetry - Discuss.

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Women are described as dangerous in most Romantic poetry. Usually woman seem to be beautiful, kind and tender creature from the first look, but subsequently reader recognizes the real personality while reading whole text. The woman can arise like hard-boiled, dangerous, or sometimes full of mystery personality. These figures of women use John Keats in 'La Belle Dame sans Merci: A Ballad', S. T. Coleridge in 'Christabel', and A. C. Swinburne in 'The Garden of Proserpine'. Women in these writings are always beautiful, dangerous and having a lot of power. Prosepine is not a simple woman, she is an immortal person, she has a role of goddess of death and eternal sleep. A. C. Swinburne points an interesting way of showing her beauty: 'Pale, beyond porch and portal, Crowned with calm leaves, she stands Who gathers all things mortal With cold immortal hands; Her languish lips are sweeter Than love's who fears to great her To men that mix and meet her From many times and lands.' ...read more.


People who live in the garden are not happy, carefree, they suffer from boring life. So Prosepine carry danger for men, bad things after herself. S. T. Coleridge uses mysterious, ghoulish figure of woman. Vampire conflicted in the person of Gerlandine. Lady Gerlandine seems be a simple, underdog unfortunate person, who needs help, from the first look. Not only has she seemed a poor person, but also beautiful and sinless: 'There she sees a damsel bright, Dressed in a silken robe of white, That shadowy in the moonlight shore: The neck that made that white robe wan, Her stately neck and arms were bare; Her blue-veined feet unsandaled were, And wildly glittered here and there The gems entangled in her hair. I guess, 'twas frightful there to see A lady so richy clad as she- Beautiful exceedingly!' (T.N.A.O.E.L. p.358) Actually it is an image of witch. In most of poetry witches wore well and very weak. ...read more.


She is called a fairly child; it means that lady has an image of natural, simple and even maidenish personality. But again it is only an image. This woman seems to be virgin, chaste maiden, but she has a lot of power. Actually La Belle Dame is very simple from the first look, but she has something wonderful inside herself. That wonder is a possibility to enslave men's heart. The lady does it, she enfetters all men and they become kind of slaves. 'And there she lulled me asleep, And there I dream'd-Ah! Woe betide! The latest dream I ever dream'd On the cold hill's side.' (T.AN.A.O.E.L. p.816) This stanza shows the power of the beautiful lady. So it goes without saying that per beauty is kind of her danger. Maiden evocates miraculously weird of the femme fatale which exalts to the highest imaginative plane the fatal thralldom. To sum up authors used powerful, pretty and miraculous images to describe a woman. But in all writings woman was not a simple person, she always had mystical cunnings, always was described from the bad side: was alluring, immortal, had a lot of power. 1 ...read more.

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